Monday, March 22, 2010

Well let's see we have been busy as usual. But I LOVE LOVE this time of the year. Spring is here and we are preparing for all the summer fun:) Hailey has had softball open gym and Jayce has had his first baseball practice this year already! I love watching them play. My Lillies are blooming it's just a wonderful time of year. Hopefully all my kids asthma problems will stay away during the summer. They have had a rough winter with it this time:( But we are blessed, nothing major. We can handle that. Thank you my dear God:) Mya Faith is 2 now! And can say it very well! We had a little celebration of cupcakes with just us on the day of her b-day. We will have a party with the family hopefully soon now. My parents were in Florida. She loved it even though. Everytime someone would sing Happy B-day she'd smile REAL big and say "ME"!

Now let me tell ya we have a TRUE Barr-Reeve fan! Hailey Brooke LOVES to celebrate all these wins. She has to go to the celebrations also:) She is very very excited for Indy this weekend, and yes we are going. It is a nice excuse to stay in a motel for the night too!
She has to have her face painted and daddy does a very good job!
Mya says "ME" of course so she gets some too:)

Silly girl!

Here's my little BR fans Saturday night. Jayce was not there he did not feel the best he started with his asthma again.

Last week one day our dog was barking and barking so we checked it out. This is what we found!


The kids were facinated.

Here is Mya taking one of her many bubble baths! Her favorite thing to do!

Hopefully the weather will warm up again this week!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lovin this weather!

Like lots of others we have been out enjoying this WONDERFUL weather! I can't wait for it to stay warm. We have been fighting colds for the last couple weeks, but it doesn't seem near as bad when the weather is warm and it's sunny out:) I can already tell Mya will be a handfull outside this summer she just wanders off. In this pic from today you can tell she has to take a baby out and take it with her wherever she goes. Even if it is more difficult to do things. In just a couple weeks my older 2 will be on spring break. I can't wait. We will love every minute of staying up late and not worrying about school work:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Praying for Layla Grace

This story just touches my heart!! It is so sad! I can't even begin to imagine this happening to one of my children. Please read it and pray for this beautiful family. They still have faith and love God! Which is so wonderful, he WILL get them through this!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Weekend:)

Wow, we had a lot going on over the weekend! Friday poor Jayce had to go to school and Hailey got to stay home. Kindergarten Round-up. The girls and I went to Evansville Children's Museum with Jessica and her girls. It was a lot of fun. Hailey has talked about it nonstop since:) We even ate at Chuckee Cheese afterwards. Yum!!! Isabelle and Mya became friends on the way there. They held hands and shared snacks.

Best Friends!!

This was Mya's favorite part. She wanted to stay there all day.

Some very smart girls. Teamwork, it helps you balance a LOT longer:)

Hailey painting her face

Digging for Dinasour Bones.
We arrived home JUST in time to get Jayce off the bus. Spent some time with the kids, then John and I headed to Ryan and Chelsa's. I couldn't stand it I had to go see them again. The kids went to my parents house, which they love. I got to spend time with my two nephews and Ryan and Chelsa OF COURSE. I love you to guys.

Me and C

John took a picture of me reading to the two boys. Then we went to Wal-Mart and home. Saturday we hung out around home and then went to John's parents and played cards. Sunday we went to church, mom's for lunch, then Hailey and I went to a bridal shower then to John's parents again for dinner and more cards. My two oldest LOVE to play cards. Jayce likes rook and I don't even know how to play that. That was our wonderful weekend! Now it's finally March and I am even more anxious for Spring to get here:)