Friday, November 26, 2010


I cannot find the pics on my computer of our celebration night right now. We did have lot's of fun. Gatti's to eat and then some bowling! After that night we've had quite the ride of confusion with poor Hailey again. It's not been terrible just not good not knowing what's going on for sure. We took her to her regular doc last Fri. And they did a urine sample and bloodwork for many diff. things. Like anemia and lot's of things that could be making her sooo tired all the time and just not feeling well. She's been doing this for at least 3-4 weeks. Then joints had started hurting more and some other issues I will not share. Poor girl! The test all came back normal which is good, yet frusterating. Because most likely it's the HSP trying to come back or is back? Guessing game. Until it's here full force there is no way to know. Since she is not feeling well she is not wanting to go to school. Which causes crying and then vomitting in the vehicle and at school. I just feel so bad leaving her like that. I know they take wonderful care of her, but I am the mother and I am just leaving her when she says MOMMY PLEASE NO, hanging on to you. It just feels like I am abbandoning her. She is fine usually after the morning gets started. I think for me the breaking down, remembering her face and hugs , continue all day. ANYWAY we are praying that she starts feeling back to normal soon.:)

I ordered the girls some hats and they are adorable!!

Hailey has an owl one of course! She loves her owl build-a-bear!

Thanksgiving day we had lunch at Mom and Dad's! It was great food and just wonderful to get together as family and spend time together! I have soooo much to be thankful for:)

Pappaw and Hailey eating cheeseball

Jayce and B being handsome of course!

A pretty good pic of all 5 cousins!! The best one of course, man it's hard to get them all happy and looking or staying put at the same time.

Sweet little Corbin! LOVE HIM!! Loved their cute turkey shirts too.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yes I have another post without pictures!! Hopefully after tonight I will have plenty more. We are CELEBRATING tonight. The kids are so excited to go eat and bowling. They have wanted to for a long time and we just keep putting the bowling off. Well since they both got wonderful report cards Wendsday I decided we are going to go and celebrate. Jayce has worked hard on getting those A's and B's! Even though between you and me he could do lot's better:) He just rushes andwants to finish. Does not really care what grade he gets. Ha! All boy! His teacher says this also, she knows he knows it he just is always in a hurry. Well hopefully we will get through this year without giving this mamma too many nervous breakdowns. :) Hailey, well I tend to let her go too much. She just doesn't need to study and she does WONDERFUL. Straight A's again. I am proud of them and I do want to take them out and reward them for all their hard work. I am mostly thankful for them wanting to go to school this year. They are both getting along so well and have lots of friends. Staying fairly healthy too. Thank Goodness! Hopefully all this continues throughout the year. Mya Faith is now a homebody. Ugh! Let me tell ya I like it except for when I NEED to go get groceries and you know do regular errands. She is a stinker and just keeps complaning, (me go home). She loves when it is time to get Jayce and sissy off the bus. She will not say Hailey's name just sissy:) Love it though. STILL working on that potty training. One of these days I know I will be able to say she is trained! Hopefully before her third birthday!! PLEASE:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Praise Report!

I am doing terrible about keeping my blog up. I do not have pictures this time. I have been slacking lately on taking them. That's a bad job mom! But I do have a praise post. I don't think I have posted about Hailey's eye. This summer while her BP was sky high and she had been on predisolone for awhile, she one day was crying and having a fit that she couldn't see. I of course was very nervous also. Well this went on for a few days and we did schedule with an eye specialist right away. They checked everything out and said she has very poor vision, but could not see any damage or any indication of what was causing it. Maybe it's just the high bp and all the medications messing with them. So we waited. Eventually she quit complaining, guess she just got used to it. After she was off her predisolone for a few weeks she still could not see anything but big blurs or if reading a straight black line with her left eye. So we would check daily. No change, let me tell ya I was trying to not be anxious. Things could be worse but I knew she had always had 20/20 vision. So yes I was afraid this disease had also messed with her eyes. We prayed about this and we had wonderful friends praying for her. We went to her specialist last Tues. and God provided a miracle for my sweet little girl. Her eye sight was almost back to normal!! just 2 days earlier she still could not read with that eye. God is building my baby's faith at such an early age. Jayce and her have been shown God's miraculous power already:) Otherwise she is doing Wonderful! She is feeling good, only very tired. We go back in December for a check up and more tests. Hopefully by then her kidney's will be clear and maybe she can at least lower her BP meds.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall 2010:)

We have had a WoNdErFuL fall so far this year. It is my favorite time of year and all the festivities are a blast! We seem to Always have some kind of illness, seriously I have taken one child to the doctor at least every other week or every week since early summer. You know it's bad when Doc Sorrells laughs when he sees me and says Lady you are going to have to write a book after the year you've had:) It has been so many diff. illnesses that we have never had. But we are blessed and things could be sooo much worse. The Lord has healed each time. Hailey is still healing, she is getting there.:) Praise God! Earlier we raked lots of leaves together and of course had to JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!!

Hailey Brooke

Jayce Michael

Miss Mya got into it after she watched the older ones:)

The school had a fall parade Friday and my kids were really excited!

Cowgirl waiting for the parade to start! Couldn't get a picture with a normal face.

Hannah Montanna! Waiving behind Grace the bunny:)

Can't remember the name of Jayce it's from star wars:)

Hailey with all her friends!
John and Jayce have been hunting every Sat. morning and evening. Jayce always has exciting stories but the deer just don't want to cooporate. Either do not come quite close enough or they run of when he tries to stand up:) But he LOVES every minute of it. You know when a 9 year old can sit in a tree for 4 hours in the morning and 4 more hours in the evening you have a DEDICATED hunter. He's his daddy made over:) Love them!