Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Growing up!!

I have an emotional post today. I am struggling lately with my kids growing so fast!! Jayce and Hailey both have a birthday coming up in Feb. Jayce will be 10!! UGH! And Hailey will be 7! I can't believe it. I want to just freeze time and keep my babies with me forever. Jayce will be double digits:( My baby will be 3 in march! I think this is what is setting it off, she is supposedly (unless God chooses otherwise) our last. It's hard to see the last one leave behind all the baby things. I know, I would be worried if they didn't grow. I just pray that I can somehow have acceptance and peace about all my kiddos growing up so fast. There will be wonderful chapters at ALL ages I am sure.

These are some random pictures from the last few weeks.

Soon after we arrived home from Florida our dog had these 8 little cuties!!! Many to give away. Let us know:)

Jayce loving on one

The girls are having a ball with this many puppies!

Here is our Hannah girl!! LOVES Hannah Montanna:) Dresses up and preforms ALL the time!! Posing for pictures!

Mya had to try:)

Mya using Hailey's stage, I look horrible in this but it is too adorable not to put on here:)

Hailey's preformance on her homemade stage! She recieve the microphone and stand for a Christmas present!

Mya watching Jayce play b-ball at the Y.

Jayce is #1, they are warming up here.

After the game! Had a good workout

Friday, January 14, 2011

Florida Vacation

Well I guess we have had a family tradition the last 4 years now! We have went to Florida over Christmas break, I would rather go over Spring Break, but the kids have a longer break over Christmas! So we go when we can! I LOVE it there. We stay with my grandmother, who is wonderful at taking care of us:) My dad's brother and sisters live there so we get to see lot's of family there too. On Christmas day we go to a local church and we eat lunch and then go into pinecraft and watch the parade then go back to the church and play games and eat supper!! Such a wonderful time to catch up with everyone. This year was a little cooler then others, but we still enjoyed it. We could wear a ligt jacket and play outside! That breaks up the winter here at home. We drove straight through on the way there, through the night. Which went wonderful. Except for poor Hailey vomitting from the Florida line until we reached pine craft! Hey, at least it was only that far. On the way home we decided to stop and sleep. Our kids LOVE to stay at a motel. I was sooo lucky it ended up right across the road from our motel was an AWESOME outlet mall!! It had every store I think!! Best I have ever been to!

This is at the pine craft parade

Mom and dad, we were putt putting

Coming to grammy's Christmas morning!! The kids had slept with mom and dad on Christmas Eve.

This is one of the two days that we picked up shells! MYA LOVED this. She would kiss the shell and then put it in her bag:)

It was cooler those two days so we just went to pick up shells. We did go to the beach 2 other days that it was beautiful and we could wear swimsuits:)

Mya chasing the birds


Hailey Brooke

Washing their shells at grammy's

They really enjoyed this also

At the motel. We had the whole pool to ourselves:)

My girlies!!

We had a wonderful vacation and of course the kids and I were not ready to come home and get back in the grove:( I LOVE Florida and wish I could move there:) HE! HE! But I would miss my family and friends here. We made some wonderful memories with our children. Hailey was very naseaus the whole time but she still had fun. We now have that under control I believe. So far. We switched from Linsinopril to Cozar. PTL!! She seems to be improving greatly:)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am behind in blogging since we took a vacation to Florida over the kids Christmas break. We did our Christmas get togethers with our families before we left. First we went to John's parents house. I do not have any pictures from there. But we had fun and it was little Aaron's first Christmas!! Even though he had nooo idea what was going on. He was just 2 months old.
The kids ended up having a longer Christmas break because of the snow days, here we are one day baking Christmas cookies!!

The Sunday before we left we decided to let the kids open their gifts from John and I. They loved their MP3 Touches!! Pillow Pets were awsome gifts they have slept on them every since.

On Monday evening we went to my Parents to have our get together. The kids had lots of fun with B again.

Silly Boys!!

Me and my Sissy-N-Law catching up. It's getting way to long inbetween seeing each other. But that's the way it goes with busy busy schedules and new house projects:)

I doubt they could pull him very far!

The group in the tornado of gifts:)

Each year my kids LOVE to do gag gifts. So Pappaw got toilet paper in one of his boxes.

And since we always make fun of mom for taping the presents so much we REALLY taped hers with gray tape:) HE!! HE!!

Chelsa helping Corbin open his gifts!! His first Chrsitmas also:)

Mya eating LOTS of chocolate from the stocking!!!

The kids letting Santa in.

Mya was scared of him.

Jayce dressed up in the costume:) SO CUTE!!

Hopefully I will get our Florida Pictures up soon!! We spent Christmas day there. And it was wonderful. My dad's family lives there and my Grandmother and we got to spend the whole day with all of them eating, visiting and playing games.