Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Snow!

What a beautiful snow we saw again this morning. I am sure my house sounded like all the other housed with kids this morning. Screaming, running, jumping, just sooo excited to see all the snow! John took the kids out twice today. For a long time I thought, they had to get cold. Even though they were dressed warmly. After they came in this afternoon I attempted to make snow cream Hailey and I didn't care for it, but Jayce loved it. He eats everything and anything though. He is a big eater. Hailey hardly eats anything. Anyway here are some more pictures of their day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Date Night

Yeah! John and I finally went out again. This is our 3rd time since Mya was born and she is 10 months old! I don't think that is often enough. But I'm sure you all know how it is with 3 kids. Lots of different things to do. Well first we went to Los Bravos and then to the movies. We watched Gran Torano, I was hesitant but it turned out really good. Lot's of bad language but a good story. Made me cry. We had a lot of fun! Thanks mom. We had baby dedication for Mya today. I just pray that we will raise our kids the best we can to know and love God!
We finally saw Ryan Chels and Brycen today again. It had been a month since we had seen them. We were in Florida and then Hailey had mono, then we had the stomach flu, I'm not sure what all we had now. We are WELL again! Chelsa looks sooo cute! She looks kinda miserable though. Do keep her in your prayers. She's got a little ways to go yet. Can't wait to meet my new nephew Andon!

Monday, January 19, 2009


We woke up to a beautiful snow and 2 excited kids! No school! They were ready to play outside. John's brother Phil came to take the kids out around noon. Mya has been a little sick. Then John took them out behind the house to the pond when he came home from work. They even went ice fishing! Here are some pictures from their day.

First Post

Hello to everyone, This is my first post. I love to read all your blogs, so thought I'd better start one of my own. May not be very interesting. I'm probbably not the best at this but I will try! We have 3 children which is a blessing. We have had quite the challenge over the weekend. They started with the stomach flu on Thursday morning and now the flu bug is ahead 4-1. My dear hubby is the only one who has managed to escape. Thankfully everyone else is back on track! School was cancelled today for Jayce! Yippee!! The snow is just beautiful! Well my littlest one is hanging on my leg crying so gotta go!