Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Years!!

I can not believe this is our 10 year anniversary!! Seems like I've known John forever, yet it seems we just got married:) Make sense?! I love this man he is a wonderful husband and father. Here are a few wedding pictures from that special day. It was at my parents house the home I grew up in. Outdoors. I loved it!!

Mr. and Mrs. Raber!!

Mya Faith has changed!! Let me tell ya this girl is 2 for SURE!! She is a little stinker and full of ENERGY!! This is a pic of me trying to take a picture of her, it is so hard now she just laughs and runs away.

She does still LOVE to help mommy though. Today she had to help do all the cleaning and no she will not keep her clothes on anymore either.

Yesterday Hailey had another appt. at Riley. Afterwards we took the girls to ride the people mover! (Train) Mya loves dinasour train and she loved this ride too! But it broke down while we were on it and so it took a lot longer than we thought! Kinda scary when your stuck inside up so high.

This is before the doc came in Hailey wouldn't let me take a picture of her.

Mya was facinated with everything!

The doctor called tonight and Hailey's urine test FINALLY looks a lot better!! PTL! The protein came down quite a bit. Hopefully it will keep coming down:) John and I are so happy to have such a wonderful Anniversary gift:) I love my family!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First day of School!!

My babies made it on the bus this morning!! It was so hard to let go again, but I know God will give me the strength to push on:) I did cry for awhile last night after they went to bed. i think it was bad again this year since she has been so sick and I worry too much I guess!! They have been very excited though. Could not get them to fall asleep last night. Praying they have a WONDERFUL first day:)

My 3rd grader and 1st grader!! Of course NO pretty hairbows for her, she is all girl very changeable, one day all prissed out and the next absolutely not!! Ha!!

My 3 sweethearts!! Mya wanted to get on the bus! She kept screaming me me go!!
Sunday afternoon John, John's dad and Jayce went to a bow shoot and guess what??!!! My little guy got 1st place!!

We went camping a couple weekends ago for just 1 night, but it was a wonderful night, not hot!! The kids had lots of fun!! Mya can pedal bike herself now:0

Jayce and his camping buddies

Friday night Jayce went to a sleepover and we had a sleepover for a few friends of Hailey's She has WAY TOO Many friends we can't invite them all at once!! :)

Mya, Hailey, Kylee, Grace, Jenna and Ava!!

Hopefully today will go quickly and my kiddos will LOVE school again!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am getting really bad about updating! We have had lots of fun these last few weeks, trying to do as much as we can before school:) Last Sunday we went to Holiday World and it was a beautiful day, weather was perfect and not extremly busy. John, Jayce and Hailey rode ALL the big rides. Hailey's first year to be able to and she LOVED it!! Yes doc gave permission which she noticed the signs on each ride, (are you sure mom it says I can't). I only rode the raven, will NOT ride the other two, and I did ride the wildabeast and pilgrims plunge(YIKES) so not like me, but the kids wanted me to so I did it JUST for them:) Mya had fun with all the kiddy rides also.
I know I always end the post with updating on Hailey, maybe everyone is tired of hearing it. But I would like to ask for more prayers, she has been really struggling this week. BP dropping REALLY low making her almost pass out and sick, trying to adjust it where she still can have a normal bp but needs as much Lisinopril as she can possibly handle to get protien in urine down:( This morning we had to leave church because she got sick again. I am really getting anxious about school starting in 3 days!! How am I going to send my girl to school when she keeps getting sick and bp not right! Please pray that this anxiety will subside and she will be doing well enough to start school on time. Thank You so much,