Monday, September 26, 2011

Living Each Day To The Fullest:)

What a wonderful week I have had just being with my family:) I am so blessed and I am remembering to count them blessings every day. John's brother Phil, is still in Goshen it is going on 4 weeks Tuesday. It's hard for him there he says he is soooo lonely. John, His parents, Malinda (Phil's wife) and Aaron (his baby), and I went to visit him yesterday. He was glad to see us again but he is really struggling. Please pray for him and his little family. He said it is so hard to keep having faith when it is such a slow process. The place he is at, Rest Haven, is such a wonderful place. We know he is very well taken care of. It's reminds you of home. a home away from home. Aaron will have his 1st b-day 2 weeks from today. Malinda plans on taking Aaron up there to celebrate it. Praying that Phil will be on a better way so he can fully enjoy this special day.

On Saturday Jayce and John went hunting:) UGH! I love that they can do this together and they both LOVE it so much. But I do miss John during this time. No luck:( The girls, mom and I went to Evansville and did a little shopping. Found a few things for Miss Hailey, she needs fall,winter clothes. She is soooo PICKY!!! She will not wear denim jeans, too uncomfortable and scratchy! UGH!! Jeggins are too tight!! But we found a pair that she thought was comfortable:) Finally! Hopefully this will change soon. Today Mya is not feeling well again, she has a cold. poor girl she's had a rough month. Hopefully I can get some laundry done and pick up this messy house. Oh well like I said I am just living each day with my family to the fullest:)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Turkey Trot 2011

Turkey Trot is over for another year. I actually enjoy it alot:) We camp all weekend and the kids have so much fun. All three of them raced turkey's this year. Jayce and Hailey made it to the semi finals Sat. night. But not to the finals. Jayce did win 15 dollars:) For a good time. The winner got a 200 dollar savings bond:) Hailey pig wrestled this year. First time for her:) She surprised me BIG TIME. She does not like mud and she dove in and went after that pig. The 4 girls did wonderful. They were named the 4 little pigs. Jayce decided not to do it this year. Anyway it was a nice weekend with my family again. Now poor Mya woke up with a fever this morning:( Poor girl. At least she was healthy for the weekend:)

Mya ready to race her turkey:) She was sooo excited!

Mya racing with daddy's help

Hailey Brooke racing her turkey, she was #5

Jayce racing his turkey.

Mya jumping in the bouncy house.

The 4 little pigs ready to wrestle

Ready, Set, GO!!!


YAY Girls!

Jayce got a guitar, he is going to start guitar lessons soon.

My 3 sweet pea's ready for church:)

Hard to get a pic of all 3 looking! OH WELL!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


At the park one evening

Holiday World

Raging Rapids at Holiday World

Raging Rapids


Sleeping in the tent one night. We set the tent up in our backyard quite often this summer. They loved it:)

4th of July Fireworks

Swimming, we did lot's of this many diff. places

Hailey at her 1st v0lleyball practice. She LOVES it:) YAY!!

tubing with the boat

1st day of school.

singing at the Little Miss contest

Little Miss Parade

Playing games at recess during bible school

Friends we took to bible school

Making plenty of messes. She was trying to feed the baby kittens:)

Waitress drew a ketchup spongebob

Jayce playing baseball, pitching:)

HELLO, We are still here just was another crazy busy summer. With trying to enjoy every spare minute with my kids and helping out John's family we have had NO spare time. I didn't need to sit on her anyway. Love his family and whatever we can do to help is worth it. We did do LOT'S of things together as a family. We did some camping early summer. Not after Phil got sick. Then we did fun trips to Evansville, Holiday World, and of course the fairs.

John's brother is at Rest Haven in Goshen now. We are hoping he can get well for good there. It sounds like a wonderful place and he did have a very rough time again last week. Now since Sun. night it seems he has made some progress.:) So please keep him and the family in your prayers.

I am loving this fall weather. Feels so good to have the windows open. I need to go dig out my fall decor today. I did just finish digging out Hailey's clothes for Mya, for this winter. She is set! I don't think I need to buy 1 thing.:) Yay!! Hailey didn't grow much either. I may just need to get a new pair of jeans and she should be set. Jayce needed some things.

I put a lot of random pic's at the top. Just a little glimps into our summer.