Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mya's Birthday Party!!!

Miss Mya had a party 2 Fri. ago. It has been crazy busy around here!! Finishing our basement, running everywhere and so I just have NOT had time to post about our little angel:) It was simple just family and then we did invite the twins that are neighbors with my parents. She LOVES them. she had a blast anyway. Before the party my kids posing for the camera.

Sweet bubby and little sis:)

This was earlier in the day with her hat. I just thought it was adorable!

Mya with her Minnie Mouse shirt. She turned the big 3!!!

Her cake which she LOVED!! She loves the beach so it was perfect.

Big smiles with ears:)

Blowing out all 3 candles is hard work!!

Mya and the twins! Such sweet girls.

Playing puppy of course with the kids. That is what she wants to play 24/7!!!

Playing pin the tail on the donkey, and yes she is becoming just like big sis. Changing all the time. Here she is wearing big sis's gymnastic suit. I couldn't believe it fit her so good:) Hailey was always tiny too.

This is the inside of the card Hailey made for Mya. She found Minnie on the computer printed in and cut it out and made an adorable card. I should have took a pic of the outside too. It was the SWEETEST. Melts my heart how they all love each other:)

Thought I had uploaded pics of her opening gifts. Can't find them. Now to finish enjoying the kids spring break:)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mya Faith

My baby had a birthday Wendsday:) Mya Faith turned the big 3!! This age always seems like they leave all baby stages behind to me. So grown up. I LOVE this little angel that God blessed us with. She is so sweet natured, LOVES to kiss and cuddle, but oh so strong willed. She is not mean by all means and usually listens and understands what is wrong or right most of the time. She is just strong minded. Which can be good I suppose:) Right now she really enjoys playing with " ME"S FRIENDS" as she says. Playdates is what she really looks forward to each week. She still only weighs 27 pounds!!! Let me tell ya this girl knows how to stress a lady out. She WILL NOT EAT! She likes milk and apple juice but food is not her thing right now:( I tried to post on her birthday but this crazy thing wouldn't let me upload pics.

Here's my baby smiling when we were still at the hospital:)
Now this girl is a momma's girl but big bubby is like a second mommy to her. She will go to him if something is wrong or she needs anything. And TRUST ME he WILL take care of her. He is SUCH a GREAT big brother. He adores her and let's her have anything she wants:)

Now sissy is someone whom she is really starting to adore now also. They did seem to clash a little when she was younger. But now she is wanting to be JUST like her big sis:)

Mya really likes her animals:) Here is Mya and 1 of the puppies smootchin!

We didn't have Mya's party until Fri. night.(Pic's to come on that soon) But on Wendsday (her b-day) Mya and I made cupcakes and yes she did everything she could. Even if it was SOOO hard for me to watch. I'm not very good with messy stuff:( But she had fun and I even let her dip the batter into the cupcake papers:)

Mammaw Gizzy brought Miss Mya some lunch that day and a gift. She really enjoyed that also:)

Now I will hopefully be posting more pics from her party soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Catch Up!

Once you get behind in blogging it's hard to start back up. Didn't know where to start so I will just post pics of a FEW things that happened in the month of Feb. We were quite busy but I can't even remember everything we did:) First of all Jan. was a lucky month for me on winning things!!! I won a few things for Mya.
This tutu and hairbow are from Bella J Bowtique. I won more hairbows also:) They are all so cute, I love them:)

Mya LOVES to dance around in all her tutu's!
Jayce had his last basketball game at the Y in Feb.

Here he is shooting a basket!

The whole team

The next thing we won was a contest Leah Robinson, Steph's Custom Creations, Beez Kneez Boutique, and All You Knit is Love put on and we LOVED everything:)

Quite the poser:)

Mya and One of our 4 puppies we have left! They are really sweet
We had a party with our families for hailey's b-day first. Here it is all decorated mostly by her:) She is quite the party planner, has to help with every detail! I think her favorite part is getting ready for the party! LOL!

Yes Mya's crown is upside down, that is the only way she will wear it!

Next is pictures from Hailey's friend party. Yes she has on pajamas, I think they changed at least 4 times that night. Dressy, pj's and concert clothes:)

We also had Jayce's B-day party with family

Corbin clapping after singing to Jayce:) I had a pic of B with the kids on here but I accidently erased it and now I'm too lazy to upload it again!!

Football cake mom made:) Very cute!

All the boys playing wii after being worn out from playing basketball ALL evening at Jayce's friend party!

Hopefully now I will keep up better. Poor Mya is having fever:( Jayce and John both have a head cold. Hopefully we will be better for the start of a new week.