Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jayce Michael!

We survived the party!! Of course I couldn't have done it without my WONDERFUL husband! He helped so much. Mya has been fighting a cold and teething, so I needed the help! It was lots of fun, and the boys were so good! They are all very well mannered! Of course boys are going to be roudy, that's just boys. We can handle it for one night:) Jayce really enjoyed having them all stay overnight, we set a tent up in the basement. They loved that! I had gotten a pinata for each of them this year. Too funny! I have lots of pictures on this post. Hailey invited Averi to spend the night since her party was a fizzle. Girls are so different than boys. So quiet.

Crazy Kids:)

Two cuties playing dress up!

Enjoying the WII!!
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Party Time!

We're trying the birthday party thing again. Hopefully this one will not end like Hailey's did last Friday! Jayce is 8 today! My little man:) There are 5 boys coming to have a sleepover! Yikes! Lots of wild boys. I'll tell ya how it went tommorow, if I'm not too tired! Ha!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Love You Andon

I am so glad to be celebrating baby Andon today. He is in the most beautiful place right now watching down and seeing that there are so many people that love him. I asked the kids what they would like to do today to celebrate. And they both decided to make cards for Andon to send to heaven. So we will be mailing them to heaven as soon as they are dry.

Hailey's says we love you Andon on the front

She drew a picture of Andon on the inside she said.

Jayce's is a picture of baby Andon in a basket. And a picture of Jayce. Also they want to send this flower for him.
We love you Andon Joseph Richard Knepp. We will remember you always!

Party Gone Bad!

Sweet Hailey's first party with friends over. They were going to sleep in a tent in the basement. She has been soo excited all week! Yesterday morning first thing we had to start decorating. After we had cake and opened the presents she said mommy I'm so tired. She went to lay on the couch. I knew something was wrong. So I felt her head, yep fever. So we had to call the parents and the party was over! She is so dissapointed. Hopefully we can have them back over for a sleepover real soon. I had even got a pinata and pin the nose on the puppy game. We didn't get to do those.

We curled her hair and sprayed glitter in it. It was cute.

Mya even celebrated! She loved having all the little girls running around.

I guess she got to play for a little bit.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Hailey Brooke!

My sweet LITTLE girl is 5 today!! I can't believe how fast they grow up! 5 just seems so much older than 4 to me. I guess maybe it's because they usually start school then. I don't know but here are some pictures of my drama queen. Trust me she is, but we LOVE her so much!

008 Birthday

Saturday, February 7, 2009

4 Sweet Kiddos!

Jayce had his first basketball game for this year(at the Y). He had so much fun! He scored six points! Go Jayce! That age is really cute to watch. Here is a picture I took of him right before the game. He's growing up way to fast for me!
Miss Hailey has to dress up in her cheerleading uniform for EVERY Barr-Reeve basketball game. Actually she wears it at home all the time too. That or her swim suit or her gymnastic suit. She has to freeze but no she never changes her mind. She loves to go down and sit with the cheerleaders. Here are some pictures of her cheerleader friends!
Now for my little princess Mya Faith she likes Hailey's rocking chair. She is always climbing on it. Has not fell off yet! She also likes this doll because it has a paci. She crawls up and sits on her chair putting in and taking out the paci!
Next is my sweet nephew who is NOT little he is a BIG MAN! His words! Ha! Ha! As you can see he has taught Hailey a new way of dancing! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Praise God!

I want to take this time to praise God for saving my beautiful, sweet, loving sister-in-law! You all know just how good of a person she is. Andon is in heaven where he will never have any heartache. I have waited for so long for a sister and I got the perfect one. Chelsa is experiencing some liver problems, they are monitoring her closely. She is also recieving more blood and platelets today, her platelets and Hemoglobins were low. She is not losing more blood, it's just low yet. Lot's of people have been asking how Brycen's doing?

As you can see he is having a blast right now! I just pray he will be able to get through this okay. He will not understand until they come home.
Misty is updating on Chelsa's site. You can check about how she's doing on her site. I will be going to Evansville tommorow to see her. Hopefully she will be feeling lot's better!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Thank you for praying, they still need lots of prayers as I am sure you know. Chelsa is still in ICU she will be all night yet they said. She is stable, they had to give 5 units of blood and platelets (SPELLING?) And IV of course. I got to go in and see her for a few minutes, she seemed to be doing pretty good. She said, God has a bigger plan! They have a beautiful baby boy waiting in heaven.
I've got some excited little ones running around tonight. Brycen is staying with us, my kids love having him over.


Ryan and Chelsa headed to the hospital about 5:00 this morning she had high blood pressure and was passing out. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank You!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Here 's another new week begining and I am kinda sad. I enjoyed last week with all 3 kiddos home! They are special gifts that God gives us to raise. Even when I get a little short with them or they start getting to my nerves, I need to stop and remember they are going to be grown soon enough. Then I will miss all the messes, noise, whinning, and beautiful laughs and smiles on the their little faces.
We have been sick yet again. We have had somthing every since the begging of December. At least we know we will get better. It could be worse. But anyway Hailey, Mya and I have been fighting colds. Mya and Hailey with pretty bad coughs. So we were limited to what we could do again this weekend. Friday night we went to mom's and played scum with some friends, Saturday night we just stayed home and watched a movie with the kids, (that was nice) and of course Sunday we had my parents and John's parents over to watch the Super Bowl! My kids were sooo excited! They even made a banner Saturday night. Jayce just loves to watch football. He watches any team thats playing.

Here are some pic's from when it was nice last week I think on Monday, before the all the snow. I took Hailey out to play for awhile and Mya woke from her nap as soon as we got outside. So I just decided to bring her out for a little bit. She loved the swing!

Mya is 10 months old and into EVERYTHING! So playful, the kids just have so much fun with her. Here is a picture of when I was trying to unload the dishwasher. I went to put something away and here she was! Little squirt!

Now I had to put a picture of my little man on here too. Here is Jayce with 3 teeth missing! Isn't it just adorable!