Thursday, December 30, 2010

quick update

We are still in Florida. I am Having a wonderful time with my family! Mya was sick yesterday all day:( Started with fever Tues. night and ran fever till this morning. Got to 103 so she was a very sick little girl. Hope no one else gets it before or while heading home. Otherwise we have just been hanging out and enjoying each other. I will post pictures when we get home.

Today is my sweet hubby's Birthday:) Such a wonderful husband and great daddy! Love the way he takes care of all of us. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Festivities

We are all home today because of the snow! It is beautiful and wonderful to be home with my family and enjoy a day of just being together. We are blessed. My kids were "screaming" when we got the message that school was cancelled. Even though Mya didn't understand why she was squealing right along!! What a busy week we had last week and it will continue until Christmas,
just like everyone else. Hailey had a program at the Odon park for Christmas last Wed. night. She is in the Bethel children's choir this year and she is LOVIN it! That child loves to sing, dance, gymnastics and cheering. She's my girly girl!! It is a wonderful experience for her and Joy is a wonderful leader. Teaching them to not be afraid to lift up their hands and voices and sing praises to God!! They all did such a good job. I wish Jayce would try it.

Sunday night was our Churches Christmas program. It turned out beautiful also. Thanks to Joy again!! It had to do with the meaning of the Christmas Tree. My kids LOVE that book The Three Trees I think it's called? It is a good book. Both Jayce and Hailey were excited to have speaking parts this year and much to my surprise they both did a good job. I was afraid Hailey would back out last minute but she went up there and spoke louder than Jayce even did. Not looking nervous at all. All the kids did a wonderful job with all their parts! Tried to take pics before they went again. of course I can NEVER get a really good pic of these three stinkers together.

Hailey is my easy one!! Such a poser:)

Jayce Michael this one turned out good I thought!

Mya Faith Ha! She was trying to play piano while taking a picture:)

Jayce in the back right in front of the tree at the church program
Hailey Brooke at the program

Tonight we are going to Mi Pueblo to celebrate a VERY SPECIAL nephews Birthday!! Brycen Hunter is 6 years old today!! Love that little man:) A smile that melts anyones heart....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Evenings!

I have just lots of random pictures of our usual evenings that we are home. They ALWAYS have to consist of either a gymnastics, singing or some sort of musical instrument show:) Games is another favorite. I LOVE these nights. I do not have as many pictures of Jayce, because he is always running away from the camera. Silly boy. I can not sneak up on him either very easily.

Hailey and mya on the beam.

Hailey wanted a beam to practice on last Christmas so of course my dad made her one:) Yes it is in the middle of my living room, but she practices all the time on it there. Mya loves it already too.

She can walk really well on it already.

Hailey in her handstand

Hannah Montanna concert:)

Mya singing or LICKING the microphone

The man made out of cards that daddy and the kids made. Notice this is the kids FAVORITE clothing style. Hailey verry dressy. Jayce comfy, Mya in her pj's:)

Blowing it down!

Finally got one, he had his hair all spiked from his shower:)

Love this, Hailey reading to Mya, which she usually has to have a book and tries to read at the same time.

Here is a picture of them in their cute shirts that Kaycee made. A little far away but the best one out of them all! Let me tell ya, it is HORRIBLE to try and get a picture of these three together!! We were ready to go to my Lengacher family Christmas dinner.
Here is the picture before Lengacher dinner in '09I think Hailey looks the same, Jayce and Mya are the ones that have changed. Jayce has grown a lot. Getting even bigger built. Mya's hair GREW!! YEAH:)