Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our busy yet wonderful life:)

I have a lot to catch up on. so I will be posting lots of diff. things.
Last week Hailey wanted to get all dressed up and take pics. Jayce was in school but we TRIED to get some of my two princesses. Ha! Mya does not hold still.
This is Hailey's favorite dress!

The best picture I could get of little sis!

We went camping over the weekend. Fun!! The weather was beautiful. Friday night Mark, Shawna and their two girls came to visit. Here is Alison, Hailey, and Jayce playing school in the camper.

Little miss Mya LOVES camping. But let me tell ya, it wears daddy and I out. She runs, runs, runs. She like the road best.

Sunday was Hailey's preschool program/graduation. I am sooo nervous about her going to kindergarten next year:(


Hailey Hoola Hooping (Her part in the program)

My little preschool graduate. With the flowers her daddy and I gave her.

I was helping at the carnival the last day of school. I could only get a few pic's of my sweet boy. He had sooo much fun!

Here's his football they painted on his face.

After I was finished working the carnival, I got to pick Jayce up early at school. They could go home early if they wanted. Daddy happened to get off work early so Jayce, Todd and John went fishing! His favorite! He's his daddy made over. He could fish or hunt anytime.

Today Hailey's preschool class went putt-putting in washington. We had lot's of fun, even though it was pretty humid. Hailey's favorite thing is miniature golf. So she was excited.

Hailey, Sarah and Alison

Now it is officially summer. Hopefully we will and you all will have a fun safe one!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Softball Mom:)

Softball is going great! Hailey loves it now. If you remember she cried a little the first game. And the second at the start but after that she's been having fun!! I love to watch the kids play. It is sooo relaxing. Jayce hasn't started his games yet, but he had his first practice Monday night. So of course here are some pics of my sweeties.

Hailey waiting at first
She's running to second

Jayce and Hailey getting ready for practice. I know not a very good pic of him, but he will not hold still for pic's. He hates getting his picture taken.

Of course Mya is energetic lately, very very energetic, runs everywhere nonstop. Hard to get a picture of her too. I'll try to do better. We went to the camper after Hailey's game Friday night. We really enjoy that. Sat. night we went to My cousins house to celebrate my grandma's birthday. She's 81 love her so much. While Hailey had preschool program rehersal last night we went to visit her for awhile. She is living with my parents now. today I will hopefully get some things done. Laundry, cleaning tub and showers, the usual dishes, cooking, and taking care of a very clingy Mya:) and starting to get ready for yard sale. HMM! Usually don't get to the yard sale stuff. Gonna have to sometime!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother'sDay and Pajama Day

Mother's Day was a wonderful day for us! I enjoyed the whole day. I had My parents, Ryan's and my grandma for lunch. Which turned out wonderful. Then we went and just chatted outside. It was a beautiful day. I think I have almost the same pic's as my wonderful Sissy-in-laws. This is my mom and hailey Brooke:)

Mya was watering flowers I just thought this was too cute! First time and she knew exactly what to do!

My daddy and Brycen and Hailey, He loves to play with the grandkids.

My little brother (Ryan) John, Jayce and Hailey playing some kind of game. Fun! Fun!

John got me a corsage for mothers day this year. I was surprised he does not get me things like that very often. I loved it:) Hailey and Jayce had made me some things at school, which I also loved very much. When they make it themselves it means so much! Then my wonderful parents got me a cala lilly and card. Thank You! Mom told Chelsa and I later that dad had went and picked out our cards and the flowers all by himself. I was almost in tears. He is a wonderful father. Later that afternoon John and I and the kiddos went with his parents to the park. We met some friends there. After playing and eating at the park we went to putt-putt. Jayce got a hole in one. He was thrilled. I got two hole in ones yeah!! Then the men even took us to scoops. YUMMY!
Hailey had pajama day at preschool Monday! she is definately a pj girl. And she was counting down the day.
Here is Hailey posing before school! Oh and yes she LOVES spongebob:)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We have had quite the week again! Tuesday night Jayce had a program at school. They all did a wonderful job. It was a patriotic theme. Here is my little man before we went.

I tried to get a picture of all three of them, but I tell you what, it is imposible for me to get a picture of those stinkers all together. Finally Hailey had to just pick Mya up to make her stay there.

This is a picture from the program. They are growing up fast! Jayce is in the back row.

Thursday night Hailey had her first softball game. She's just in preschool but they let you play at Montgomery if you are going to be in kindergarten the next year. And she wanted to play really bad! So we decided to let her since we let Jayce the year before he started kindergarten. But I missed the signups and so we missed the practices and she went to the game without knowing who was on her team. She was still very excited. Our team batted first and she was 2nd, she got a hit YEAH!! While she was waiting on second the coaches went out near her and were talking and then one comes walking in with Hailey beside them and says she wants her MOM!! OH NO!! She was a little shy. But she still wants to play. She says she will not cry next time. I guess we'll see. She does look so cute in the helmet. Very serous:)

Friday Ryan brought Brycen over on his way to work. My kids were excited. I was to I love having little B over. He is always sooo good! They played hard ALL day!

This is after painting, they were suppose to wash their hands. I guess they thought they'd wash their feet too!!

After baking a cake they had to lick and lick and lick the bowl.

Tommorow we are having my parents and grandma and Ryan's over for lunch. Mom always has us over after church. Since it's mother's day I decided to give her a day off. Ha! Guess we'll see how that goes. With Mya and not much time from going to church. HMM! Hopefully it will be ok!

Friday, May 1, 2009


We have been very busy lately. Like everyone else I suppose. It's spring. I'm glad, we are hoping everyone will stay well for awhile. About a week and a half ago Mya found our mini marshmellows that mamaw Raber bought. And she poured them out all over the floor. What a mess, Jayce and I were trying to pick them up, but she just kept spredding them. It was too cute, I decided to video.

Hailey and I were trying to plant our flowers in pots today, but between the puppy and Mya it took a little while. Mya kept trying to put the flowers in before we were ready, then when we would get them planted she was pulling, wanting them back out. I wonder how long I will have flowers this summer! LOL! Since Hailey LOVES flowers so much we decided to let her pick some out herself and plant them in her own pots.

John bought a ground blind for hunting off of ebay and Jayce is excited. Here is a pic of daddy and son sitting inside! They are too cute right?!