Friday, April 23, 2010

Start of Summer!

This is the start of summer! I love, love watching my kids play sports! It is crazy busy but I do enjoy every minute of it:) Spring is really getting to me though. I like the nice, wonderful weather, but the allergies! NO WAY! I have a lot of drainaige and fluid in my ears so that makes me very dizzy! Not good when your taking care of 3 kiddos! I know my sweet little nephew B and his momma have it worse than me, poor things! Hopefully this rain this weekend will help them out:)
Hailey has started softball practice, tonight is her 4th one. She absolutely LOVES it. That's all she talks about, and want to do. I'm happy for her. Jayce is playing baseball this year and last night was his 2nd practice. His first was about 3 1/2 weeks ago. He likes it okay but does not really go on about it much. He is a fisherman and hunter! I have a few pics of Hailey at practice. I didn't find out Jayce had practice till 15 minutes before last night, so no I did not have time to remember the camera. Hopefully next practice I'll get some of him.

Hailey Batting

ready to catch the ball

Mya is doing so good. She is just so content following me around and doing whatever I am doing. Which is wonderful when trying to get everything done outdoors in this nice weather. She is such a sweetheart!! I have been getting a lot more done than I use to. That means she is growing to fast also:(

Here is her this morning again. She LOVES the outdoors and her puppy and kitty.

Here's one pot of the many flowers we planted this week. She really likes flowers too. It was a lot of fun with her helping:)

Now this BEAUTIFUL pot of flowers is my gift for Secretaries day from my sweet daddy and boss!!
Hope to have a great weekend with my family!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mya's Birtday Party

We finally had a Birthday Party for miss Mya! We had put it off because my parents were in Florida over her B-day. Then it just never worked for someone the next weeks. We did it last weekend and it was beautiful weather. She loved just playing outside with family mostly!

Here's the B-day girls with her bubbles. She is so facinated with these.

Mammaw Knepp made the cake. We loved it. Mya especially:)Jayce couldn't wait to pull it out and see what happened:) All boy.

I can't believe my baby is 2!! :( They do grow up WAY TOO fast!!

My three sweethearts:) Yummy frosting.

She is a pro at opening gifts, she rips the paper right off. Hailey was always slow and likes to take her time. Mya is more like Jayce, doesn't waste any time at all!

Her favorite gift was the twin sister dolls that talk to each other. OF course MORE babies.

We spent most of the time outside. Here is Pappaw Raber jumping with the kiddos!!

Playing badmitten

We enjoyed celebrating our sweetheart! It's just sad that the time goes so fast.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010!

It is another BEAUTIFUL day!! I have my windows open and it feels wonderful:) It's back to a regular monday:( Jayce and Hailey went to school today, and they were just fine with it, no complaining. I can't wait for summer break. I love having them all home with me!

We had a very good easter. It was a nice day out and the sunrise service at church was so touching! The youths skit especially touched my heart. We had a yummy breakfast afterwards and then headed to mom's to spend time with our family:) Corbin's first time there!! The kids were sooo happy to see him and Brycen they LOVE LOVE LOVE them both!!! After lunch we came home and Mya and I took a little nap. He He! While daddy went fishing and Jayce and Hailey played baseball with their aunt and uncle and gramma and grampa Raber! Then we spent the rest of the evening at home together:) So nice!! I have a few pictures from our day.

This is from the gastof Saturday

Here is our first picture of ALL of us!! Yes mom and I had already changed:( But it's still a good pic of everyone!

Chelsa and Corbin, Isn't his outfit ADORABLE!!

Cousins +chels holding little C

Cousins again

Egg Hunt

Chelsa and C watching from inside, it was a little windy!

Jayce's 1st time holding Corbin, he was sooo happy!!

Hailey's 1st time holding him:)

Mya trying to hold him she sure loves him but I think he was tired of being held. Poor guy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! God Bless!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break 2010!!!

It has been a WoNdErFuL spring break! I'm not ready for the kids to go back to school:( It was such beautiful weather. We had lot's of things to do. Monday we just relaxed around home, played outside and hailey had gymnastics that evening. Tuesday I had to work. Wendsday we went to the park. Thursday Jayce and pappaw went fishing and the girls and I played outside AGAIN!! :) Then we went putt-putting when daddy came home. Today we went to mason's for lunch, eye doctor to pick out Jayce's new glasses and wal-mart. This evening we went to mom's and dyed some eggs. Hopefully tommorow the rain will stay away so the kids can hunt easter eggs at the gastof. Then a wedding tommorow night. Of course Sunrise service Sunday morning. Wow! We are BUSY!!
I have a few pictures I need to update. We stayed at a hotel last weekend during basketball state. We swam and swam and swam some more:)
Jayce barely comes up to breathe!!

Mya never did like water before but fell in LOVE with it there. Now she wants to "swim" all the time.

Daddy and his two kids watching the basketball games while in the pool

This is my little viking fan at the game on Saturday!
These next pictures are from Mason's today. Jayce HAD to eat in the car beside the tray. LOL! Mom and I sat at a table so it would be easier to feed the girls.

Tonight we dyed eggs and Mya had sooo much fun.

It is a little crazy to dye eggs with a 2 year old and yes Mya and I have blue legs!! She was reaching to get something and poured a whole cup of dye on her and I! YUCK!! It was quite a disaster. Oh well hopefully it will come off before the wedding tommorow night. Yikes, I think people would look at me funny if I have a blue foot and leg.;) It was a lot of fun though.
Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!