Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good News and Bad News

John left Saturday Morning for a 10 day elk hunt in Colorado! Yes it has been some LONG days, but I have to remember at least he will come back. And my hubby sure does LOVE to hunt so I'm glad he gets to have this experience. He does not have service in the mountains where they are camped at, but he did call early Tues. because they had climbed high enough to get some service. cutting out but at least he could say he's fine. Well after that we got the call Tues. evening that John's Grandfather was poor. I had not been able to even tell him this let alone he passed away this morning. But John was headed to town and called me just this afternoon so very very excited. He got an elk!!! A 6x6 Bull:) I had to then tell the poor guy the news. His grandfather was a very sweet man. He has been having some health issues for a number of years so I am glad that he is heaven and pain free.

My handsome hubby and his elk!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy Busy!!!

It has been a long time since I last posted! We have done soo much I don't know where to start... I guess here are 2 pics of my little viking:)

With paci and blanky of course!
2 weeks ago John and the kids and I headed to Evansville after John got off work. Went to the mall for about 1 1/2 hours then to Gatti Town!! Kids favorite:) Mya had lots of fun in the new bouncy house.

Here she is bowling, she does really good!!

Jayce then Mya the bright blonde and Hailey Mya was not a fan of this ride!
I'm not sure where Mya gets the blonde hair either. It is really light, lots lighter than the others hair ever was.

My two girlies

Over this last weekend we camped at Montgomery for Turkey Trot! Lot's of fun. Relaxing and got to see lots of people we do not get to see very often. Mya raced a turkey for the first time. She is only 2 but I knew she would do it and she LOVED LOVED it. My other two there is NO WAY they would have at 2.

Me Driving Turkey she says now!!

Hailey racing

Jayce Michael made it to the next round

Jayce riding rides with friends

Hailey and Miss Grace!

Mya and Hailey:)

Mya is a animal LOVER and so we have to go dip minnos out of the lake and she plays with them in the bucket ALL the time. She was very content at the campground if she had her bucket of fishies!

This was actually a baby bass I think!
Such a tomboy:)
Saturday morning daddy is leaving for 10 DAYS to Colorado! We are so sad:( Hunting elk in the mountains. Hopefully it will go fast.