Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Sunday afternoon we carved the kids pumpkins. Jayce was so excited to show Mya. Since she was to young to know much about it last year. Hailey had been sick since Friday and she was a lot better, but still weak and not feeling the best. Poor girl. But they wanted to carve!

Jayce showing Mya how to clean out hers.

Hailey showing Mya how. She is a good listner.

Mya trying it for herself. The kids wanted to do it so bad. She would pull out one little tiny piece at a time. They thought she should do it quicker!

She made some yucky faces to start with. It felt yucky I guess!! But she loved it:)

She got tired of it and started chasing the dogs! Yes there is a cornfield right out in our backyard!
scary when the corn is tall. But Mya did well and stayed away all summer.

Jayce working on his

Hailey Brooke working on hers

Hailey wiped her yucky hands on daddy!! He He! Surprise daddy!

Mya thought it was fun to dig it out with a spoon. then she was just beating on the sides!!

I still didn't get a pic of them all with the finished pumpkins. Hailey got to feeling really bad and had to go in and rest. They had fun and can't wait to trick or treat this weekend!
Oh and everyone is healthy again!! YEAH!

Monday, October 19, 2009


What a BEAUTIFUL day it is out!! I think it is suppose to warm up a bit, thank goodness. I like my warm weather. It's been quite the chilly start to October. BRR! We have had a nice fall break over the weekend. The kids had off of school Friday. Jayce went home with a friend Thursday night and spent the night. BOO! Mommy missed him a lot. Hailey had a friend over here. They had so much fun. Mya even loved it. She likes to have different kids around here. She is a little clown as of lately. Not sure where she gets it. But if anyone is watching she will give them a show. It is hillarious. So hyper. I would love to have as much energy as her and miss Hailey. My grandma told me the other night that it's like Hailey is always floating. She says it's just like I was when I was young:) ( she is usually hopping or skipping around instead of just walking) Friday night we went to Mi Pueblo for mom's birthday. It was delicious! Ryan's family went too. Love every chance we get to spend with them. Saturday night we went to visit my grandma. We played scummie again. Grammy is going to Florida next monday:( I miss her in the winter months. Sunday morning Jayce woke us at about 5 he had earache! Now let me tell you this guy is tough he never complains much at all when he is sick. he is like his dad. Anyway he had severe pain all morning and I was at my wits end on trying different things. We finally got him to the doctor at about 1:45. They said it was infected and started him on antibiotic. But the poor guy it hurt all day. He has never had ear ache that hurt like this before. We then went to John's parents for supper last night. I'll leave you with pic's of our October so far.
Mya she does this when you get ready to take her picture lately. I guess she thinks she's smiling!
My little man!
My silly girl!
Daddy and Jayce watching Colts football one evening.

golf cart ride at mom and dad's with the neighbor kids. They love it as you can tell. It was freezing that day!!
Mya helping Pappaw drive

Hailey and Avery being silly on Friday morning
Hailey LOVES LOVES school and it was hard on her to not go friday. She is always working on schoolwork at home.
I think Mya got off of the paper just a little! Thank goodness it was washable marker.
My two sweet girls

Mi Pueblo for mom's b-day

Sweet boys

Jayce trying on the hat
Chels and I ( this pic makes me laugh too Chels!!)

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We have had a wonderful weekend! First we'll start with Thursday though. Miss Mya woke Thursday morning crying and crying, I couldn't figure out what she wanted. Finally I asked my 18 month old where's ouchie? I asked twice and the second time she pointed to her ear! I was like ok there is no way she just showed me. So I asked again and again she pointed to her ear! My other two would NEVER let me know by pulling or pointing at their ears I would always just have to guess. Anyway we went to the doctor and she was honest she had an ear infection. Poor baby!

Friday John was rained out at work so we decided to go to E-ville and do some shopping. He doesn't like shopping but he went with me anyway:) It was great to just spend the day together. We at dinner at Red Lobster that night. YUMMY!!

Saturday morning John and Jayce went hunting of course:) Jayce talks about this all week. Anyway john decided to let Jayce take his bow this time. He begged all week. And guess what. My little 8 year old man got his first deer!!! First time he shot at one,and he got a really good shot! Daddy was soooo excited. He acted like he got a big buck:) He was just excited.

Sunday we went to church and then to mom's for lunch. Grilled chicken and taco salad! MMM! My favorites. Then we came home and EVERYONE took naps! Wow that was different and nice. I was sleepy. We had John's parents for dinner and watched the colts then. What a wonderful weekend:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Week

Well I have been starting to write and then I quit. It just seems so boring. But it is past time that I update. So here it is:) We have not been up to much of anything new ALL week last week Mya was sick, I might add it was not just a cold. UGH!! Luckily none of the other kids got it. YEAH! (SO FAR) So it was stay at home for Mya and mommy.

Saturday John and Jayce went deer hunting, OF COURSE! And John shot a doe. Jayce was very excited. He is going to be a dedicated hunter and fisherman that's for sure:)
Sunday we went to mom's for lunch. The kids were excited they got to ride Mammaw and Pappaw's new golf cart. I have been terrible at taking pictures last week so I don't have any of them on it. Hopefully soon. Monday night Hailey had gymnastics, she can do her front flip on the trampoline by herself. landing on her feet. most of the time now She is very excited about that! Tonight we went to mom's again to get Jayce's hair cut, and we played about 5 rounds of scummy. My kids love to play cards. Now it's off to bed.