Monday, August 31, 2009

He's able, He's able

He's able, He's able, I know He's able
I know my Lord is able to carry me through.
I won't write out the whole song, but this has been in my head today. God is so good. I have some anxiety issues, some may know. But anyway I struggle with why I have this problem I pray and I pray for God to help me to let this go. I do trust God, I guess satan tries to get in again and make me worry. Anyway we had a rough long weekend, has to do with the people living in our rental house right next to us. Friday night The kids and I went to stay at mom's and I just was soooo nervous that it was making me sick. Well I prayed all night and finally sometime around 1:30 I just cried and said God I trust you please hold me. He was holding me I could just feel it. I felt such peace!! It was amazing!!! Thank you God for helping us through this weekend. If you all would please pray for the man. Satan does try to pull us down. Hopefully he will stay on the right track. Please pray for his wife that she will be ok and God will help her to make the right choices. Also please pray for us that we could help them out and know what God wants us to do in all this.
Thank you all,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Let's see, where to start? I have skipped lot's that we have done lately. Sorry, just not enough time to update. I think i will just have to skip it and do last weeks events. Mya and I started off Monday of last week helping mom and dad freeze some corn. Mya did very well for the couple hours I was there. She watched and played fairly well. I love to get together and can and put things up for the winter. It's a nice time to talk and laugh. On Tuesday I picked the Jayce and Hailey up from school and we all went back to mammaw's to put some corn away for Ryan and Chelsa. My kids LOVE to freeze corn. I guess they are like me:) Anyway we stayed for a while and then we left before the cleanup, Ha! to get Jayce started on his homework and get everyone cleaned up for school the next day. Here are a few pic's

Digging in the corn ready to be cut!! Look at the pieces of corn on her face:)

There's my girl, that's my favorite part too:)

Miss Hailey Brooke watching grammy cut off corn

Yes Jayce cutting off corn. I know it looks dangerous, but he did not get hurt and he did very well. If you know Jayce you know that he will not give up, he likes to work and do just as we do.

Jayce showing Mya a worm

We did not do anything for our anniversary yet. We thought we would go on Sat. but Hailey ran fever most of the weekend so we will have to see. This weekend we will not be able to go either. We'll get to it eventually I hope. I won't let John forget! LOL!
Anyway Sunday we went to mom's for lunch, it was such a beautiful weekend and week so far this week. I took some pic's of the kids playing in the backyard at mom's.

Jayce and Hailey walking in pappaw's stream. Mya watching the big goldfish!

My sweethearts!!

Now this picture is just hilarious!! Not sure what is going on! Hands on hips, HMM!!:)
I hear my little Mya waking up so time to go!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

9 Wonderful Years!

This picture looks really bad on here but I had to put a wedding picture on. I didn't have time to scan it at mom's this week. So I just took a picture with my phone. Oh well!
This is our wedding day 9 years ago today!! Wow I can't belive it's been that long! It turned out perfect. It was an outdoor wedding at my parents house. My dad did a wonderful job with all the landscaping. He worked so hard. My mom did a lot too, I was only 19. I needed lot's of help. But I was in LOVE and determined to get married. I am very happy that we did! He is a wonderful husband and father to our 3 beautiful babies!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Firsts for both my kids this year!!

I can't belive my baby girl is going to Kindergarten!!:() I have been a worry wart mommy lately. Trying not to let the kids see it. I had been praying and praying for these kids for oh I don't know how long before school started. So far they both like school. Jayce started in the big school this year he is in second grade! He doesn't say much but he never complains about school. He loves to go see his friends. One of the very few things he said about school was, you don't get seconds at lunch there. If you know Jayce you know that would be a big deal to him. He is a big eater! :) But I think he'll survive! Ha! He says his teacher is really nice too. Hailey loves school so far...... Hopefully it stays that way! She has been singing a song they learned today alllllll night! It is cute! Mya LOVES it. She dances along while Hailey sings. Anyway she was excited tonight saying Mrs. Jacobs said we are going to learn to read!! She has also been so excited that she gets to sit beside Avery and Trista in class! Oh and another very sweet thing my big boy did on the first day of school was, he sat by hailey that afternoon on the bus on the way home. He couldn't wait to see how hailey's day was:) Proud mamma!!
My big kids waiting on the bus!
Jayce my second grader:)
Hailey my little kindergartener:)

Here is Mya while waiting for the bus

Mya and I were a little lost without the two big ones around! We played on the slide and played with the kitties of course. Her VERY favorite things to do!! We survived!

Mya goes on the slide all by herself now!
As you can see she LOVES these kittens!
My cutie patootie!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cousins are Best Friends

We have had a wonderful last week of summer vacation! We got to spend it with my sweet nephew Brycen:) The kids just LOVED having him here. They said, why can't we be Brycen's new babysitter? Ha! They have to go to school now and I think he would get a little bored with just me and miss Mya! He is such a good little boy! Very well behaved! Not sure where he gets that?! Ha! I have lot's of pictures of the week so beware!

Best Friends!!

Ready to ride!

They wanted to help on Mammaw Raber's new shed!

This is one of the stops in the neighborhood exploration! TURKEYS!!
Next stop creek

B showing his worker man muscels!!

On Thursday we had a buggy ride. Mya is ready!

Petting Amy while she is being hitched up!

Waiting patiently

After the exciting buggy ride we went to the Washington park!

Not sure what kind of face this is:)

Somthing is VERY EXCITING for these kiddos
Can you guess what it is?!
Yeah! Some men cutting down a tree in the park! LOL!
On Friday they played in this bare spot right inside the cornfield beside our house. They thought that was neat.
Anyway that was most of our week! We had lot's of fun with Mr. B! He is such a sweetheart!