Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lots of pictures, and update on Hailey

This is mostly a picture update! LOTS and LOTS:) We have been busy. And they are backwards.
We went to the Loogootee pool sunday eve. with the Lengacher family, it was fun. Jayce went of the diving board for the first time and LOVED it, he went off over and over! Plus they both went of the slide. I didn't take much time to take pics and I missed poor little mya!

Jayce had an all-star tourney 2 weekends ago which was VERY VERY warm. But we had fun.

3 weekends ago we went to Big Splash in French Lick, my kids absolutely love to go there. Haily cried when we had to leave. Which that was pretty much the first fun thing we did this summer since she was sick and she usually does not act like that.

One very happy girl. Love this pic!!

trying to sit on the spraying water:)

Hailey is behind daddy, hard to see the little thing

4 weekends ago we put away corn. LOTS of corn, yummy. I love freezing corn each year though, we can get together and do it with family.


Jayce really did help, he loves to help us work.

We went back to Riley for Hailey's check-up again Tues. and since the HSP seems to be not quite as active, we are trying to reduce the predisolone some. Hopefully it will work. Last night finally at 8 the doc called with blood and urine test results. Not such great news. Her levels are pretty much the same as 2 weeks ago, which since the hsp was really active he knew the levels were high but was hoping it was because of the very active hsp. Now she has not had rash or seemed to be having any joint pain this time. he says that is extremly high and needs to be gotten down as soon as possible, will cause kidney damage. So he is completely doubling the Lisinopril (blood pressure med). Which they had told us was the most they wanted to give her:( To get the protein down in her urine. I was down a little last night and at times this morn. I start to but like a friend told me God is setting himself up to be glorified. we just need to hang on for the ride. We are still trusting and praising God!!

God Bless,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Faithful Prayer

Well I wrote this blog out on Sunday night and had not posted it yet. When I went to look at blogs this morning The verse of the day stood out to me! It is the same verse i had in my post. I feel that God was nudging me along to post this:)

I have not blogged in awhile about Hailey, she feels good and rarely has pain if she does it's nothing like before. The steroids are suppose to be helping with that, and her blood pressure is under control with the medication. We went back to Riley Tues. of this week and They did more blood work and Urine test and it was a little worse in both. So her kidney's are still getting it hard. I am relieved that she feels so good though. Since the test came worse again we decided to anoint Hailey.
James 5:14-15 says Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up;

The preachers of our church came to our home last evening. We did it in our home to make Hailey more comfortable, it could be confusing and scary for a little girl to stand in front of many people on a Sunday. She did so well and she understood why and what we were doing. Praise God, we feel so at peace, God is in control and we will do whatever he has in store for her and us as a family. He is there and will get us through. I can't believe how I, myself have changed through all this, I feel so calm and sure, God is here with us and he will take care of my baby no matter what. I struggled with anxiety with this virus at the beginning and now I feel so calm. Thank you Kevin, Amanda, Carmen and Joanna for coming to our home and praying with us and anointing our sweet Hailey.

God Bless,


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a wonderful weekend it has been, spending time with family:) We were all together and HOME that made it perfect. God is so good he is taking care of my baby girl and I know that, even though it is hard to see her go through all this, this summer. We just came home from doing more bloodwork in bedford today and let me tell ya I have a trooper. She even smiled during the procedure. What a sweetie. We will not get the results back until Thurs. or Fri. The urine test still showed a large level of blood and high in protein.:( Which is not good for her kidney's. They are hoping it lets up on her kidney's soon or we will be doing another biopsy to check for kidney damage. Her BP is STILL acting up also. She is on the max dose of Lisinopril so now they are adding a water pill to try and help some. I have been watching her salt intake very carefully and she is hardly getting any. We are praying that this virus lets up soon.
On other news:) We had a good weekend. Went to my parents to watch fireworks Fri. night. Sat. night we went to washington and watched those. Kids loved it. We have to take it easy which is hard since it's summer but we try to do little things for them. This is the first year since Jayce was born that we could not go to a fair. But we took and blanket and had a picnic and just relaxed. They enjoyed it anyway. She got wore out right away again. She had even had a 2 hr. nap that day.

Sunday we had lunch at mom and dad's and then after we napped we went to see toy story 3. It was really good.

Our dog had puppies. And they are very very cute.!! Kids are loving it, especially miss Mya!
We have 2 so if you need a puppy let us know. It will be hard to get rid of them but we do not need 3 dogs around here.

Had to get a pic of Jayce, he never wants one taken:)
My sweet girlies with a puppy!

Have a wonderful week and God Bless,

Friday, July 2, 2010

God is a Miracle Worker!!

Praise be to God! We have WONDERFUL news, Hailey's biopsy showed no signs of scarring. The Doc was shocked. He was so very sure there would be kidney damage with all the signs and urine and culture and blood tests. And because of her high blood pressure. We knew he was only giving us a 10% chance of hope. But we knew God could work a miracle if he chose to. And he chose to give Hailey a miracle. We are so happy and I want to share it with everyone. Hoping this will all be used in some way for God.
Hailey is feeling well, her blood pressure is still a little too high, may have to increase the bp meds a little, her vision is pretty blurry because of the steroids. But she is such a strong little girl. Feeling well and taken everything in strie. hopefully we can make it to watch fireworks this weekend.
God Bless,