Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Program and Life

The kids had their Spring Program at school last week. They both got parts, and were sooo excited:) The night of the program Hailey was dancing and singing around until it was time to go, soo giddy!! The first pic is of the first graders. Hailey is in the purple shirt.

Hailey doing her part as an umbrella dancer;)

1st graders trying to whistle. So cute:) Hailey did learn how a couple days before the program.

Jayce's part was 1 of the 3 cabelero's! He is in the hat on the right. He did so good remembering and sayin his parts. They ALL did. Mrs. Hawkins did a wonderful job putting the program together. I loved the theme this year.

Jayce really getting into it!!

We have been busy doing landscaping, staining, finishing basement, trying to do all spring work,(mowing, garden,etc.) along with baseball and softball, and gymnastics. YIKES!!! We have been crazy busy. But loving it:) Jayce had his first practice game at French Lick Tues. night. I couldn't go because Hailey was not feeling well. He got to pitch!!! I was excited for him:) He is just in 3rd grade so I'm sure it won't be much this year but hey he got to so YEAH!!!

We have baby kittens now! Puppies now kittens!! They are a diff. color than I ever see. LIGHT Gray and one looks like a skunk. Mya is having a blast with them though. Mya took this pic. actually. Good for a 3 year old:)


Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring 2011

Spring is here! . Yikes there have been LOTS of rainy days. We are thankful for at least the sun on sunny days:) Sat. was beautiful and actually pretty warm . We went to an easter egg hunt that was rescheduled because the the rain the week before. Mya and I did I guess, Hailey had softball practice. Jayce was fishing and spending a day with daddy. PLEASE I was hopeing and praying for a child that was more bold and not so shy. Well we thought we had that with Mya she has been such a loud outspoken child until recently. I've noticed her pulling back and starting to act just like the other two:( I just would like to have 1 child that does not let others walk all over them. Here is a pic of Mya witht he Bunny. That is as close as I could get her. That is her cousin Aaron that the bunny is holding and his cousing Sarah beside them.

As you can see she was very hesitant about picking up eggs. She finally got into it at the end.Ha!

Hailey had her first softball game of the year last night. She really enjoyed it. Happy she is having fun with it this year:)

My sweetheart!

running to first

I am so proud of the man my 10 year old is growing into. Anyone that know's me very well knows that I struggle with my kids growing up. I LOVE them to pieces and want them to grow but yet I don't want them to grow up. He is changing so much, so quiet and just so sweet. He has been begging me for a phone for awhile. Some other's in his class have one and we told him it is just not something he needs at this age. He can use our phones and when he needs one he will have one. He has been sad about it, trying not to complain to much but his little heart has been broke. So yest. I set him up a facebook acct. I will watch him when he is on it, which thankfully he doesn't mind. So innocent. Some of his friends have one so now he is all happy. Last night when going to bed he said"mommy thank you for doing that for me:)" Melt my heart I love him so much!