Thursday, April 23, 2009

1 Year Pictures

Here are a few of Mya's 1 year pic's. We had them taken at jcpenny's. I thought she did wonderful. I absolutely love them.

thought this was cool!

She never smiled once, but I thought they were very good anyway. At least she didn't cry.
It is beautiful out today. I can't wait to stay home tommorow and play outdoors with the kids:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

I have a lot of pictures of Mya this time. Kids are just so funny at this age I think. And she's the only one that holds still long enough to take pictures of. Ha!
Here is a pic of her pushing a doll stroller at mom's house. She only pushed it for about 5 seconds. Then she threw out the baby and crawled in herself. She fit!! It was to cute. Now she just sits in there.

This is a pictures of Jayce and daddy playing ball outside Sat. Hailey usually helps but she was in bed with a 104 fever. Yeah!! Ear infection in both ears. Poor girl! Every since her monno she has caught everything that has gone around. Mya just sat on the steps and watched for like half an hour. Too cute!

Just watching!

Here is a picture of my VERY GIRLY girl! Worse than Hailey already I think! She is always putting on bracelets and necklaces and carrying around purses. I don't know how she knows what to do with it all. Today she was digging out everything and she comes walking in the kitchen like this.

I hear it's suppose to get pretty warm this weekend. I am so excited. I'm ready for warm weather to stay, even if it is hot!
Oh and Turkey season starts Wed. My husband is a big hunter you know. The kids and I get a little lonely over these times:( He does work hard, and I'm glad he gets to do something he loves!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. It was lots of fun just hanging out with family! John, Jayce and Hailey have been looking for mushrooms every chance they get. They've found lots! They love it. John got a little boat, and he's been working and working on it. It was older and he's trying to fix it up, it really does look nice. John and Jayce took it out once over the weekend and it started raining on them. They can't wait to try again. Friday Jayce had off of school, we went to my cousing Stephanie's house for an easter party. The kids dyed eggs and had a hunt outside. Then on Saturday I took Hailey to the egg hunt in Montgomery, their were SO many kids. It was fun and COLD! We then went to mom's and and dyed eggs and had a hunt just in the basement. To cold for Mya she was coughing. Sunday I took Jayce and Hailey with me to sunrise service at church. John stayed home with Mya, she was coughing and running fever. After we got home John and the kids went mushroom hunting again. Then we went to Johns mom and dad's for supper. I love just spending time with my family! I don't have any pic's right now. Mya took her 1 year pictures about a week and a half ago. She did so good. I loved them all!
If anyone knows what to give for car sickness please let me know. Hailey has been getting worse and worse. It has always been starting with a headache, then every once in awhile she would get a little tummy ache. Now yesterday she vomitted for the first time on the way to Bedford. Poor girl.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I have lots and lots of pictures, hopefully you won't get to bored! We had a very busy spring break. We went to pick out Jayce's new glasses.

Hailey has been wanting glasses for sooo long. Because Jayce has them I guess. So we bought her a pair of sunglasses at the mall. She LOVES them. But they are NOT SUNGLASSES as she says.

We went to build-a-bear and they each made a bunny! Hailey is stuffed animal crazy. We have sooo many. But she drags some along wherever she goes.

They held their bunnies all the way home. Even while playing Nintendo. Hailey has on her glasses as you can see. Oh and Jayce has his new baseball cletes beside him. Hailey got her first pair also. She is ready to play this summer.

The kids trying out the cars at the mall! Jayce doesn't fit anymore!!!

Mya loved the car. She did so good all day.

We went to the new Gattie Town after the mall. It is really nice.
Hailey's favorite ride.

Jayce's favorite was the bumper cars.

Not sure why Hailey's eyes are red in these two pic's

Earlier in the week we went to scoops and bowling. Yes we did quite a bit this spring break. We had lot's of fun. Now schools almost out!

We brought this car in from the outside this week. First time Mya played with it. She played in it all day! Loves to get in and out, since the door opens.