Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Jayce Michael

Today my firstborn turns 10!!!:(:(:( Yes I am taking his birthday this year very hard! He is now double digits and he is growing too fast! How do people let their babies go?!! He is such a sweet boy. So caring and kind and very tenderhearted. Very hyper and energetic but tender.:) He is definately his daddy's son. A HUNTER and FISHERMAN, just ANYTHING to do with outdoors!! He is such a hard worker. Can help daddy do anything. Likes to help also. He really likes football always has been his major passion. Barr-Reeve doesn't have a football team. I am kinda relieved but yet I feel bad at times because this boy thinks about football ALL the time. He plays, watches, and dreams football.

Here's a pic of him and his deer. This year he got one with a gun last year he got one with a bow.

1st place medal from bow shoot him and daddy went too.

Like I said he is such a sweetie. Loves his sisters. Well,him and Hailey can get into arguments but they get along wonderfully at times also. Mya and Jayce well, she can never do wrong with him. He will let her have WHATEVER she wants:)

Jayce ABSOLUTELY LOVES B!! Let me tell ya, he thinks a lot of this little cutie. He loves C and Aaron also:)

Jayce played baseball this year and I love to watch my kids. It is so relaxing. He hit I believe 2 homeruns this year. Here he is playing 1st base.

This year Jayce could swim good enough to jump off the diving board and go down the slide by himself without a life jacket!! YAY!!

My sweetheart on the first day of 3rd grade!

This birthday is a rough one for me but I would worry if he wouldn't grow. I love you my sweet boy:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Hailey Brooke

Today my sweet girl Hailey turned 7!! I cannot believe it and yes I think we all say this every year. It seems unreal! My babies can't be growing so fast:( I have some pics to share this year about Hailey Brooke! She had a little bit of a rough year at the age of 6. Hopefully this year 7 will be LOTS better. She is doing better with the naseau now since the bp med change. Praise God:) Now we are trying to get her to have an appetite:) She has lost 3 pounds in the last month which she does not weigh much anyway. Hopefully her appetite will come back soon. Anxiety is an issue now, which some days I think it's getting a little better:) She is such a joy to have and so loving!
This picture shows how she LOVES to dress up in her pretty dresses ALL the time she does this. My princess!
She can be a tomboy and go hunting with daddy and her bubby whom she loves!!

This is a pic at Riley after her kidney biopsy:(

She is in the churche's Children's Choir!!! LOVES it, Loves to sing:) Yes she can carry a tune which she DOES NOT get from me!! LOL!

Very much a mamma's girl now!! Hard to leave me to go to school. We each wear a friendship bracelet every day so she can feel closer to me!

Gymnastics!! She also LOVES this!! I'm not sure, all her qualities are from her aunt Chelsa. We sometimes wonder if she is not her daughter:) ha!!

And let me tell ya she is in LOVE with her little sis:) They have become sooo close the last few months!! It melts my heart to see this. I never had a sis growing up:(
Hailey Brooke I love you so much and you bring SO much joy to my life. I praise God everyday for you!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Life!

We are in full planning mode for birthday parties right now. Hailey has one Feb. 10th, Jayce Feb. 20th and Mya March 16th. So it seems as though they all come at once. Everything is done and overwith at one time:( Lots of fun all at once I guess:) This weekend my two oldest caught the bug going around:( Hailey started with fever Sat. and Jayce Sun. They were both still running it last night. Thankfully today has been fever FREE!!!! Yeah!! Mya Faith stay strong baby girl:) The last snow we had, Mya talked daddy into taking her out while the other two were in school and making a snowman!! She has talked and talked about this every since. We need to do more things with just her. It's hard when there is 3. But we can tell it means so much to her when we do.
Such Cuties
Jayce went to a friends Thurs. night after school for a b-day party. Daddy was working on finishing our basement. So the girls and I decided to go eat Chinese food. YUM!

Posing before we go eat
Smile we always get when you say "smile"

LOOKS SO HAPPY! Which means a lot. She has had it rough lately. Anxiety has become an issue now. Because of all the sickness I guess. Please pray for my sweetheart.
Friday night I decided out of the blue we should go roller skating. Not really sure why I never thought of taking the kids before?! But I wish I would have. My goodness my kids ALL 3 LOVED, LOVED it! That is an understatement. The next morning they begged to go back starting when they woke up until sat. night. So finally we decided to go back Sat. night and take Mammaw and Pappaw Raber and Phil (John's brother) and Malinda and Aaron. They enjoyed it just as much. Hailey could go the entire time without using the wall. Jayce got to where he did not have to use it hardly at all. Mya did not want to stop. I can't imagine a 2 year old would like it so much:)

Poor guy did lots of falling and he has a NASTY bruise on his knee to prove it. I wish I would have taken a picture it is HUGE!

Me and my girl:)

Hailey Brooke

Mya putting on her barbie skates

Last here is a pic of only 6 of the 8 puppies we have!! CUTE huh:) We are giving them away, when they get old enough. Let us know if you want one!!!