Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are HOME!! And it feels wonderful:) God is so good! It is absolutely Gorgeous out today! Hailey and Mya are taking a nap. The kidney biopsy went well, we will not find the results out for 3 to 5 days. So for now we are just giving her meds to control the HSP symptems. After we find out the results of the biopsy we will know more what kind of plan to follow. Her BP was up when we left again yest. so they uped her BP medicine again. now she takes 7.5mg per day. She is still on steroids which makes her HYPER and swollen and HUNGRY! She is suppose to take it very easy for a whole week because of her biopsy and please tell me how to keep a 6 year old on predislone down for that long?!! I have a few pics.

Here's John and Hailey just watching tv

Mommy reading her a book! Day after biopsy

I think this was soon after the biopsy pretty groggy.

My parents brought the kids and John's parents to visit on Sat. and Sun morn. It was so good to see my babies. I have missed the others soooo much!They all had to sit or lay in hailey's bed.
Oh and funny story they were laying here like this and the nurse came in to take Hailey's vitals, and she said oh my how will I know which is the patient and let me tell ya Jayce jumped out of the bed soooo fast it was hillarious. Pointing at her the whole time. Little stinker, I'm not sure how either of my other two would handle and experience like this. Nothing like Hailey I am sure.

Before we went to Riley Hospital Jessica's girls came over for a little visit and a tea party. Hailey was so excited and it did her a lot of good. Here she was all dressed up waiting for them to come. And yes she was very swollen in this pic. But beautiful!

Grace, Isabelle, Mya and Hailey

Mya playing on the porch Before the tea party

Today when I was goin to put pics on I looked through my pics and Hailey must have taken some this morning it was so sweet I saw lots of pic's like this:)

My beautiful princess!!
She has been such a trooper through all of this and so calm, most of the time. God has a plan for her and us and we are just waiting to see what it is. We do know that she LOVED all the nurses and they LOVED her. She wants to be a nurse someday!! Maybe God showed her through this.

Jayce's team lost the first game of the playoff's, and I am so sad I could not see it. He loved playing baseball this year. I am very proud of him for playing as hard as he did.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hailey's kidney biopsy is set for today at 1:30. we are waiting and she says she is STARVING! But in pretty good humor most of the time. Had a couple break downs. Her BP has been high yet today again. They have had to give instant bp meds 2wice already in just 3 hours. I'm not sure whats going on they had uped the regular bp meds.

Otherwise Jayce has his playoff baseball game tonight and I am very sad that I have to miss it. Hoping he does well even with everything going on. He does well most of the time, you can see it gets to him sometimes. Like I said Him and Mya are well taken care of.

Friday, June 25, 2010


John and Hailey are taking a nap right now. So I decided to go to the library for a little bit. Hailey had a LONG afternoon and night. We went to bedford yest. morning and sent home to pack our things and head to Riley. Only had 40 min. to pack. Started off again. We arrived at Riley about 3:30 had to go through ER. We were in there until 1:30 in the morning, because there was NO beds left upstairs. We do have a room now it is a shared room. Thankfully she is feeling some better this morn. Last night she had hard stomach cramps again. They gave her morphine and tylenole to try and help she finally went to sleep about 2 then slept the rest of the night. The doc has not been in yet to read lab work and ultrasound. He did start her on BP meds. now hoping to keep it down. I am Praying the belly pains stay away. I miss my two other sweethearts, but I know they are being well taken care of.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hailey Update

We went to doc this morning and took bloodwork he talked with the nurfologist?? Spelling?? and we had scheduled an appt. with Riley because of her kidney's for Tues. Well while there she started having bloody stools!! So now we are to go right away. She is so upset. So we will are heading that way hoping her kidney's will be ok. God is with us I can feel his presence. I have more peace than I had to start with. Praise God!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

update on Hailey

Hailey has done soooo good the last 2 1/2 days. Getting stronger and stronger. Today about 2 I saw she looked like she didn't feel well, and guess what she didn't again. Her BP was 146/101 and had a headache! She then slept for 1 1/2 hours. Felt a little better when she got up but BP was still up.:( Anyway Doc made appt. for more blood work in morning to check out kidney functions again. She is swollen in her face and pretty much everywhere. Sign of kidney problems too. Hopefully it's not worse than it was. Now her stomach cramps are back tonight. My poor sweetheart. Hoping they let up and let her rest tonight.
I havn't updated since this all happened and the night we took Hailey to the hospital Jayce had a game. I took him and he hit his first homerun!!! Then he got and in the park homerun then in the same game another over the fence:) I was so excited for him. He was very happy! Little stinker. His last season game is tommorow night, then it's the playoff's next week. I love watching him play, I don't want it to be over.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hailey Brooke

I thought I should update and let everyone know what is going on with our Hailey Brooke. She is doing good. She has her ups and downs which the doc told us would happen. She has Henoch-Schonlein purpura or HSP. It all started a couple weeks ago when she had major leg cramps in the middle of the night. She cried for 40 min. then she could hardly walk the next day. We had to carry her most of the time. This lasted for a week. We went to the doc 4 times doing blood work and trying to figure out what was wrong. Well Wends. John finally went with us to doc and they couldn't figure anything out yet. On the way home she all at once broke out with red spots and blotches on her legs. After we were home not even an hour she was in pain again arms, legs and this time severe stomach cramps. We waited and tried to comfort her but she started running fever also. So I called doc at home and he said NOW he knows what it is. HSP. He said if the stomach pains and fever did not let up in a couple hours to bring her in. Well they didn't and she started vomiting. So we went to hospital and they kept her. She was in lots of pain which was soooo hard to watch. It is our baby!! It was such a scary experience. God was with us and so many prayers were felt. FINALLY the pain was less and she could rest. Thank You God!! He is wonderful. Now she is doing well she is on Steroids for the inflamation of her joints and stomach cramps. She gets tired real easy and her blood pressure has been spiking some, but normal today again. Which doc said is expected because it is affecting her kidney's. Blood and protien in the urine. This is the main concern for the doc, because their is a risk of long term kidney damage with this virus. Doc told us today again that with this virus you think they are better and then they get worse again back and forth for awhile. But I know God can heal her and we will trust him and try to be a peace with all of this. God has a plan and we will accept whatever comes. Thank you for all your prayers and cards and gifts!! God Bless you all!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family, Friends and Food!!!

We had a wonderful memorial weekend! Lots of family, friends and food!! My favorite things:)Ha ha! i did not take pictures lately like I should have been . I've just been enjoying this time with my kids. We went camping and boy we were wore out when we came home Monday!
My hubby took a few pic's of our girls in our flower bed Monday! Very good I thought.

Mya Faith Cheesin

Hailey Brooke picking flowers for momma again:)

Hailey's softball season ended now. She had 4 games last week. But Jayce's season has just begun. He had his first game last night. They did very good! I was very proud of my little man:) He has really improved since last year. He has 3 games this week.

Hailey waiting for the game to start

Mya sooo thirsty even before the game started!

Jayce up to bat the first time this year. Great hit too!

Playing first base!! He had so much fun! I am glad he loves it.
We are having a multi family yard sale at my parents house in Oakview Heights Sat morning starting at 7:30~ there is 0-4t boy clothes and home decor. I have LOTS and LOTS of stuff:( EEEK!! Girls 0-24 months and boys 0-size 8 boys. Time to sell them I guess. Last year was my first one and I didn't even get out half of Jayce's clothes so now it is time to move it out:) There will be a refrigerator, weed eater, 3 pack n play's 1 high chair, 2baby swings, car seat , and a pool with pump.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!