Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas festivities

Well, I am back!! Our computer has been messed up for awhile!! I couldn't do anything on blogger. Now Cody fixed it and we are very happy:) The kids were waiting for daddy to get home Sat. so we could put together this gingerbread house. He was hunting of course:) This is the first year that it turned out so well. We had tried once when they were younger, probably why! Ha!

Hailey is showing daddy something on the directions:) She's like me you HAVE to read the instructions. Daddy not so much.

Jayce squezzing some of the icing on Hailey is looking at the directions again. HE He! I just noticed that.

Mya LOVES the finished product!

That evening was our Lengacher Christmas dinner. I have taken pictures of them in from of our tree the past few years on this evening. This time we were running late and Hailey's hair was a little wet yet. But oh well.



They have changed so much! Wendsday night Hailey had a christmas program at school. She was a Hip Hop Reindeer. The part she wanted! OH my it was hillarious and cute.

My little girl loves to dance and sing but had no idea she was such a rapper:)

Not sure which song this was but you can see they had a blast. Mrs. Hawkins does a wonderful job every year.

Now I need to get to cleaning! UGH! I do not LIKE that job AT ALL!

Have a wonderful day!