Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

The kids had off Good Friday so we dyed eggs:) Mya absolutely LOVED it! My older two enjoy it also. They just take FOREVER doing it now. They did not want it to end. LOL! It was nice having them home and just enjoying the day together.

Mya is chessin away!

Hailey's eggs

Jayce painted a cross on 1.

Mya holding her and yes she had the dye all over her and everywhere. But I was actually calm about it:) She had her paint clothes on

Easter Sunday we woke up bright and early for Sunrise service at church. We then went to mom and dad's for lunch. Ryan, Chels and the boys were there too.

Mya all dressed up:)

This is while trying to get the 3 together. Jayce being silly and Hailey telling others what to do:) Ha! LOVE them.

When there was a sunny moment outside daddy caught this pic of Mya

Hailey with her Basket from Mammaw and Pappaw

Mya with her basket

not sure why I didn't have a pic of Jayce with his:(

My two Precious Nephews!!!

The hunt in the basement! They all enjoyed it, even Corbin did a good job picking up eggs.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break 2011!

I just realized I never posted about our Spring Break this year! We had lot's of fun just enjoying each other. We went to Indianapolis Children's Museum for a day and then spent the evening at a motel there! Lot's of fun! Even mall time the next day before heading home. Can't remeber exactly everything else we did over the kids break but it was mostly just family fun time. I was not ready for the kids to go back either. I can't wait for summer break:)
There are LOTS of pics.

This first one shows you who gets into sissy and mommy's makeup lately! Hailey LOVES to wear lipstick lately and of course Mya wants to be just like her. so this is what we found!!! It did stain too. We had pic's at JCPenny the next day.

Hailey took this picture of me and the hubs before our date night on my b-day.

Just my sassy girl!

These next ones are Jayce and Hailey climbing the rock wall at the museum. Jayce made it all the way on the harder wall. Hailey made it half way up the easier wall. It ended up being a lot harder than we thought. Jayce was wore out and puffing afterwards. And he is pretty tough.

My little dinasours:)

Mya LOVES Diego and she was thrilled to see him there!

Crazy mirrors

serving momma ice cream

I love potato heads

This is a pic of The day Chelsa and I took all 5 kids to evansville to take my kids pics do some shopping and eat a Gatti Town. These kids adore each other:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

LOOONNGGG! Catch up Post!

I have gotten so far behind I just keep putting off posts. Spring is here and we are loving the warm weather days:) Baseball practices have started for Jayce and softball should be anyday for Hailey!! Which I LOVE, LOVE! Yesterday Mya and I met some friends at the park and Montgomery and we had a nice time. She never wants to leave. I FINALLY did it I clipped the paci last night:( Let me tell ya it was HARD!! It broke my heart and especially since she is supposidly our last. She cried and I just wanted to go buy another, so did her big bro and sis! They thought it was AWFUL also. Poor kids. But today she is doing very well so far. Only asked for it this morning and hasn't since. YAY!! Now if we can get that potty training down pat!! She did pretty well yesterday now today again is bad! What a strong willed stinker.

Chelsa and I went to Evansville with our 5 munchkins about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I thought it went pretty well. I had my kids pic's taken at JCPenny.

While daddy and Jayce went fishing in Kentucky one weekend, the girls, my mom and I went SHOPPING!! FUN! Hailey was never to Club Tabby so we tried it out and now she wants to take some friends. Hopefully we can arrange that this summer sometime. It turned out really cute I thought. Mya was not sure about sissy having pink and purple hair:)

We are finishing our basement and we are ALMOST finished painting. Mya's room needs the border paint on top and another coat of purple on bottom but the rest is done!!! I was very excited about doing a girly room for the girls!! I have always wanted to do this. And for financial reasons we did neutral rooms upstairs so it could be for both as we had more children!! Which was fine but now I am going all out on the rooms:)

Mya's room! There will be a paint border of light blue along top. Her 3 favorite colors and then a theme of butterflies in her room:)

I LOVE Hailey's, she did a wonderful job of picking out colors and her room is just bright and more tween girl!! Some Hannah Montanna posters of course. She is now starting to like Taylor Swift too.

The purple and orange walls

Pink and Blue walls

Pink and purple walls Yes all 4 walls are diff. colors but It looks great!

2 weekends ago my sweet hubby took me out for my Birthday. He didn't tell me where we were going so it was a surprise and I really enjoyed the much needed evening alone together. It had been way to long. Since like November I think!! Here is a pic of our view. We went to Louisville Buckhead mountain Grill and sat out on the deck to eat. It was the perfect weather not hot and not cold at all. Cloudy and just relaxing:) It was right over the ohio river.

Hopefully I will not wait so long to post again.