Thursday, July 30, 2009

My SWEET Boy!!

I am positive I have the SWEETEST kids ever! I'm sure every mother says the same:) But if you know Jayce my sweet little boy you will know how kind and tenderhearted this little boy is! He is one wonderful big brother who protects his two little sisters. I showed you in my post last time of him feeding mya, she is always wanting whatever he is playing with or eating. He is so gentle and shares. He doesn't care! Yesterday my poor miss Hailey Brooke had to get 5 shots!! That breaks my heart when they just cry and cry and I couldn't do anything. Jayce said I wish I could take some for her!!! SO SWEET!!

I just want to say he may have been unexpected but I wouldn't trade him for the world! And I thank God every day for 3 beautiful healthy children, and a wonderful husband!

Sorry I guess I was feeling a little mushy today! Ha!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Wishes and Random Events!

I want to start off by saying Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister-n-law! Chelsa I am so thakful to have you in our lives. You are the perfect sister, the kind I have always dreamed of having:) You are a faithful christian and a loving person. A wonderful mother to my SWEET little nephew!! I love you so much!
Jayce had his last baseball game Monday night. His team made it to the final game of the playoffs! They got beat by one run! OH SO CLOSE! I had so much fun watching them play. He did wonderful about the loss. He just loved to play!

My kids are growing sooo fast. Why do they grow so fast? It's so precious to see how they love each other! One day last week Jayce was not home and Hailey started missing him. She said Daddy I miss Jayce so much, I just love him and I just like the way his face looks! Too funny and adorable. SHH don't tell her I told! Miss Mya loves her big brother just as much she started crawling up on his lap anytime he is eating. She wants to help, and him being the wonderful big brother he is let's her!

Miss Hailey Brooke acting silly:)
We went to my cousing Darla's house for supper Saturday night. She has a new puppy and we all loved her to pieces. Just look how cute! Mya was so excited she was squealing as you can tell! I want one but I don't think it would be safe right now, she can squeeze pretty tight!
Last I wanted to post a picture of my girly girl! She found hailey's belt and purse. She went walking around the house like this!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Raber Update!

I think it's about time I post again. I officially know that our summer is not going to slow down. The kids go to school Aug. 11th and it's almost here. :( This mommy is dreading it. I think it is because the closer it gets the more anxiety I get about it. Hailey is starting Kindergarten and I have anxiety issues anyway, but it is just so hard. If my kids would not be such mommy babies I think it would be easier. I just can't stand it when they cry and don't want to go to school. Jayce did and HOPEFULLY Hailey will not. I was starting to think she will not do too bad, BUT Last week she started crying out of nowhere and I asked what was wrong. She asked how many days till school? I told her and she said I don't want to go I want to stay home with you mom:( OHHH Now I am so nervous. I just hope she will go and love it and it will not be too hard for her. I'd say that's enough rambling about that. Please pray for us if you can.:)

Well after my last post we had went to the fair on Friday night to ride rides. The kids had lot's of fun, they could both ride the big rides, well all except 3 Hailey couldn't ride. But she is a brave girls she was not scared of the big ones. Their favorite was the slide. They went down and down and down I don't know how many times!

Here is a pic of them on a big ride. It goes up and around can't remember the name. Hailey looks a little nervous but she loved it!
We also went to holiday world on Tuesday last week it was such a nice week we thought we'd take off work and go. I guess everyone else thought that because we beat the heat but NOT the crowd! It was very busy. We still had lots of fun. Mya did not go with us. I knew she would not enjoy such a long day. She is quite fussy as you may remember. We love her but she doesn't last too long on days like this. We enjoyed it with our two older ones. We spent almost the WHOLE day in the water park. My kids didn't want to leave there. All but 3 hours. So I didn't get a lot of pics. Then when we were in the other part Jayce and daddy rode roller coasters and other big rides that Hailey was not quite big enough for part of the time. Jayce LOVED his first roller coaster ride. I can't belive he is so grown up!

Jayce on the bumper boats

Jayce in the lazy river

Hailey Brooke in the lazy river going under the sprinklers of course:)

Daddy, Jayce and Hailey waiting to ride the Frightful Falls!!
We went camping over the weekend in Montgomery. It was just wonderful weather until about Sat. around 10:30 I think. Rain, Rain. But we went home and relaxed. Then went to watch fireworks sat. night at Washington. Mya did great. Didn't get too scared! Monday the kids and I went to visit daddy at work. They were at Hank Wittmers in Montgomery. It was beautiful weather again so we just hung out under a shade tree and relaxed for awhile.

I finally got a picture of Mya smiling!!! Laughing, whatever! It has been awhile since we have caught it on camera. She does not like to take pictures!
Hailey and her were playing in the tub and I snuck one in!

My sweet baby girl!!
Today we are just around the house. I am making fresh green beans, fresh red potatoes, and a roast for dinner tonight. The potatoes are from our garden, it is the first time we planted one. Not big at all. Just some sweet cord, 2 tomato plants and two little rows of red potatoes. YUM!!
Almost time for miss Mya to wake up better get going!!