Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Miss and other summer fun

We will start off with my little Miss! Hailey has wanted to be in the fair (Padgent) as she calls it, since last year. So we entered her in the little miss and mister contest at the Elnora Fair. She had sooo much fun:) Saturday was the interview with the judges. They had to wear White T-shirts, denim shorts, socks and shoes. They met with and the judges asked them questions individually. She said they asked her what she wants to do when she gets big and she said a hairstyler! Cute! Their were 10 cute little girls, poor judges! Hailey wanted to pose for me after the interview!

I'm glad we let her do this i think it really helped her be a lot more brave. She is a little shy but she did wonderful in everything. They got to sit on a trailer for the parade on Sunday afternoon. Poor girls it was HOT! But they loved it:) hailey's in the sunglasses waving.

Last night was the contest. The judges already knew who won they just got to get all dressed up and stand on stage. I can't believe she did so good. They said a little about each child that we had wrote down. Their favorite things to do and Hailey had gymnastics, swimming, singing and playing softball! They asked her what her favorite song was and then if she would sing a little bit of it! OH MY!! She did WONDERFUL! She picked out Jesus Loves Me! She was so nervous she messed with her hair the whole time and skipped a few words but she sang right into the mic and you could understand her. Way to go Hailey! Gabriel won she was a little doll just like all the others:) Hailey said she loved getting all dressed up she felt like a princess! Of course she had to wear her blue dress she wouldn't even think of any other. Her favorite color.
Here she is ready to go to the contest!

She fell asleep on the way there. Getting all prettied up is hard work. ha!

Brycen giving Hailey flowers before. She absolutely loved them. Thanks B, Chels and Ryan:)

Waving up on stage

Hailey when it was her turn for a question. I didn't get a pic while she was singing. I was too busy listening and I couldn't believe she was doing it. She is usually so shy!

We have been having lots of fun with our little pool we set up. The kids also have a slip n slide. Here is a pic of Jayce slidind down FAST!

Mya loves her baths but for some reason she wants nothing to do with water outside! HMM! We have tried the big pool her baby pool I even tried a little tub the other day no way she just cried and wanted out. I got a quick pic from right when we put her in.

Hailey decided to get in and see if that helped. No Way! Oh well maybe next year.

Last I have some pictures of my BIG boy playing baseball. Here he is ready to run to third.

Waiting to field. Like I said before I enjoy watching them play sports. I'm glad they enjoy doing things like this.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bible School Program

We had our bible school program sunday night. It was a program and a picnic with yummy SNOWCONES! It was beautiful to see all the children singing and raising thier hands to the Lord:) I helped with the Kindergarten 1 class. Joanna did a wonderful job as the teacher. I had so much fun. The kids in the class were all so sweet and did wonderful!

This was some of the kids in Hailey's class out at recess!

My sweet kiddos
Hailey with her grade during the program. They said their verses from that week!
Jayce saying his verse for the program!
Bible school turned out wonderful again this year. Thanks to all those who worked so hard on putting it together.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Fun, Yard sale, Firetruck, & Bible School

Well I'm sorry I keep thinking I am going to better about blogging but it's just too busy around here I guess. I am very pleased with how my yard sale turned out. It took a lot of time the week before getting ready, but I did very well and got rid of a lot. I do have some left but it will hopefully sell at the next one I have:) I am thankful that mom and dad let me have it there. I think it was probbably a better turn out than I would have had out here. Here is a picture of my two older sweeties selling cookies and pop! It only lasted about 2 hrs. which I guess that was pretty good. Then mom and I were selling it. The cookies went fast, we didn't have enough!
Like I said it lasted about 2 hrs. Then Jayce my outdoorsman got very bored and was BEGGING and BEGGING to go fishing, and OF COURSE my dad takes him for a little while.

My two girls were riding their toys out at Mammaw Raber's one day, too cute I thought. Hailey was stopping to help her little sis:)
Here is Mya petting Mammaw's pony. She LOVES that pony (STAR) Hailey named her.
Hailey's softball season is over:( I love watching the kids play. The teams got to ride the firetruck after their games Sat. I think they all enjoyed it.
We have bible school this week at Bethel. So far I think it is going wonderful:) There are LOTS of kids. I pray that these kids will become a little closer in their walk with God this week. My kids are really having fun, I only have a pic of Hailey so far. I'll leave you with just one and post more on it later. Hailey has made some new friends.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Huge Yard Sale!

I have been busy, busy this week, trying to work on my things for the yard sale. It is sooo much stuff. I did not sell any of Jayce or Hailey's things, so I would have what I needed when I would have the next child. Hmm! Now I am selling everything that Mya has grown out of and all of Jayces things. Lot's and Lot's of clothes. I am also selling the walker, infant seat, bouncer, johnny jump-up ( the thing you hang in the doorway) the swing, boppy, stroller, kick-n-play etc. Along with Tons of shoes for girls and boys from newborn to kid sizes. Womens clothes and oh yeah all my maternity clothes. The yard sale will be at my parents house in oakview heights. If you need directions email me at Hope to see some of you there.