Monday, January 25, 2010

Last couple weeks

My I wait way to long to post. I forget most of what we do:) Jayce is home from school today. Not sure what is up he's been running a low grade fever since yest. morning. He is always so tough and easy to take care of when he is sick. He must be like his dad. I am quite the opposite. And so are my girlies!
Here is a picture of Mya after her bath one day. Maybe her 2nd or 3rd that day. He HE!! She loves to bath. Everytime she goes in the bathroom and sees the tub she says "bath". And starts stripping down.

Pappaw Gizzy called Friday and asked if he could take Mya to McDonalds for lunch. She was soooo excited when I told her Pappaw was coming to take her bye, bye. She kept watching out the window and laughing. Here she is waiting.

Jayce is playing basketball at the YMCA again this year. He really enjoys it. He is on the 8 and 9 year olds group this year. And learning a LOT. It is so much fun watching him play his sports. Poor guy, the other night for some reason we were talking about high school basketball and he said, I'm not playing basketball when I get to high school. I asked why? Do you not like it. Jayce: Yeah, I'm going to play football though. I'm going to play in college too! AWW!! Too bad Barr-Reeve doesn't have a football team, because if you know Jayce he sure does LOVE his football! I'm going to have to check out some other options I guess.

Anyway here is Jayce at one of his games. He's #6

This is at the Barr-Reeve vs. Wood Memorial game Friday night. Jayce with all his friends

Hailey has been waiting a long time to cheer with the cheerleaders. Finally her dreams came true on Friday night:) She had a blast. She is third from the right

Too Cute!


Hailey and her friend Trista

Hailey and her Best Bud Grace

Sunday we stayed home from church because Jayce was running a fever and here is Hailey playing dress up. Movie Star!

Then Hailey and Mya were singing kareoke(SP??) Mya puts the michrophone on her mouth.

Hailey really likes to sing, and she picks up very quickly unlike her mamma who is tone def as daddy says:)

Last night we watched the COLTS!! YEAH!! and then the Saints and Vikings. Go colts Win Superbowl!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas with the Knepp's

I skipped blogging about our Christmas get together with my side of the family. So here it goes:)
Brycen was too far away couldn't get all 4 of them together:( But here's one of my kiddos DIGGING in!

Jayce got a REAL football. That's what he said he wanted:) He also got a video camera.

Mya got a baby of course. Her favorite!

Hailey got a Barbie dream townhouse. She loves it.

Then santa came. Hailey and B would go up to him and take pic's but not Mya and not Jayce.

He just wasn't sure. He's on the verge of not believing in Santa. So he just kept looking and then..........

OOPPS!!! No it's not really him!! Little squirt:)

Hailey with the tutu that Aunt Chelsa made her!

Mya with her awesome tutu from Aunt Chelsa:)

Not sure what these two were doing.

Ryan and dad putting together Ryan's new shop vac


Mya giving grandma her gift

My WoNdErFuL Sister-N-Law and I!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


We have LOVED these two snow days. I do not like the FrEeZiNg cold, but I do love SNOW:) Mya was ok for just a little bit, then I think she got cold and tired of it. She may have lasted like 10 minutes. The others would have stayed out all day if I would have let them. We drank hot chocolate when they came in. After we had snowcones made from real snow.

We did not empty all the water from the pool. The kids loved it. They played on the ice for awhile.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We had a WONDERFUL time in Florida!! It was not quite as warm as last year, but it was nice. We could go out and enjoy the sunshine:) I have LOTS of pics so I will try to only put on a few.

Here is Mya and grammy. We stayed with my grandma while there.

On Christmas day we spent the whole day with my dad's side of the family. Most of them live in Florida, one family from Ohio was there also and also a few from Indiana along with us. It was so good to be all together.

Here is Mya and Recie ( My cousins little boy) they were following each other around. They are only about a month apart. CUTE:)

These are some of the great grankids. There are at least 15 more. Mya would not stand still!

Christmas day parade. Jayce and some of my cousins children

We also enjoyed going to the park

Riding bikes

And of course going to the beach. We got to go 4 days out of our trip. Three of the days were warm and gorgeous. The fourth was a little chilly.

Hailey's Turtle she made all by herself.

Jayce and Hailey with some friends

Miss Hailey

The kids starting their fort

Finished product. Landon, Megan, Katie, Jaden, Hailey, and Jayce
We went to Jungle Gardens. It was a little chiller that day. But we had jackets.

Our family

The girls waiting on the bird show to start

Mya checking out this fake alligators mouth!!

Feeding the flamingos

Hailey's bird was dancing on her shoulder:)

Mya's bird kept creeping close and closer to her head. She liked it until it got too close then she just kept shaking her head no!

Jayce and Hailey got to hold an alligator

We celebrated Daddy's birthday while we were there also.

Of course we HAD to put on all 35 candles!!

We also went to the circus. It was so neat. The kids had a blast. Beforethe show we could meet the performers. That was really cool.
Jayce and Hailey dancing with the performers

One of the performers holding and dancing with Mya!

Hailey doing the hoola hoop

Jayce jumping rope. He did get it on the second try:)
Like I said it was a wonderful trip and so great to be with family and friends!! Now we are home and hoping for LOTS and LOTS of snow tonight:)