Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishing, 1st Lost Tooth

It is a rainy dreary day today. But at least I have a silly, sweet 2 year old to enjoy it with! She makes everything a little more interesting:) Right now she has her hands on her hips telling the kitty and puppy "NO" ! Such a stinker! Last Sunday afternoon John, the kids and I went fishing. Mya's very favorite thing to do right now. "FISH" Anyway I took some pics while we were there it was so very relaxing. We went yesterday too and they were biting much better.

Here's our newest fisherman!!

First catch of the day. Hailey threw her line in and this fish bit right away!

Jayce Michael

My girls:)

Yesterday the kids and I went to Berea for church. Ryan and Chelsa had baby dedication for sweet Corbin! John went ahead to Bethel because it was his turn to teach sunday school.

Sat. Hailey discovered that she had a loose tooth. Well she was so very happy, she is 6 and hadn's lost a tooth yet! She kinda forgot about it until Sunday at lunch!! Yikes what a drama queen!! We were at a restraunt and she was STARVING, as she says. When her food came she would not eat. Because her tooth was loose and it bothered her. So she said she would not eat until it came out. I thought oh well when she gets hungry enough she will. WRONG!! It was 4:00 and she was so hungry but would not eat. She was sitting in front of the mirror still messing with it. Finally she just yanked it out!! Praise The Lord!! I was getting worried that she would go to bed hungry:) She was one very happy girl!!

1st lost tooth~
Oh yeah, after she got the tooth out she went outside to play and guess what?!! She has a splinter in her foot now!! OHH!!! Why does it happen to her everytime. The others are not near as dramatic about it. So we tried and tried to get it out but it is too deep. Hopefully it will come out tonight! Wonder how she's doing at school?!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Softball--Bunnies--Mother's Day

It is sooo cold BRRRR...... It's suppose to be summer when your kids have a softball game right?! HA! That's ok, Hailey Brooke had her first softball game this morning! The girls did so well, I was very proud of them all. They have wonderful coacher this year. Hailey LOVES it so far. She did seem a little nervous during the game, but did wonderful. She takes everything so serious:)

Look at the girls down and ready. Poor girl, she is going to have strong legs by the end of the season. The coach said to be ready for the ball, and she does not stand up to stretch! She just stays down and ready the whole time!! YIKES!!

Here's my girl batting!

Hailey modeling her uniform. It was not even game day. She wants to wear it ALL the time.

After the game I had to stop by mom's and here is miss Mya riding the battery 4-wheeler at pappaw and mammaw's! She LOVES it! She has to watch Jayce and Hailey ride their 4-wheeler at home all the time now she gets to drive ALL by herself:)

We have bunnies!! Jayce and Hailey each picked one out. Poor Mya!! She has to hold theirs. Anyway we got them about 2 weeks ago. This morning we got home from the game and found Jayce's dead in the pen.:( He was very sad, He dissapeared right away and then here he comes back with a shovel and tears running down his face! He wouldn't talk he took the rabbit and took it the the cross we have stuck in the ground in our yard. (where 2 of our dogs are buried!) And started digging. I asked him if I could help and NO he did it all by himself, it was just so sad. Tears running down his face the whole time. He buried Fluffy and put his name on the cross too!!

Jayce and Fluffy

Hailey and Lovey

Mya and Lovey, boy this girl gets so excited when you even talk about these bunnies. She likes to pick clover for them. She thinks they need to eat ALL the time:)

It is mother's day weekend and I am so happy that God has given me 3 beautiful children! I love being a mommy, It's so hard to see them all getting so big. I know they will be grown before I know it!! I love you my sweet babies:)

I am very blessed to have a wonderful mother and mother-n-law also. They are very good to us and our children. I love you both!!