Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This and That

We have been enjoying this BEAUTIFUL fall weather!! Playing outdoors:) Saturday night we went to Lark Ranch, it was so nice out and we all had lots of fun.

Jayce and Garrett, his mom and dad were working so they got to do a few things together.

Hailey riding!! Let me tell ya my girls are horse lovers!! IT is serious. I have been talking to john about maybe getting a horse or pony for them. Hailey would take very good care of it I am sure. She takes wonderful care of the other animals she has.

Mya riding the pony. ALL this girl talks about is horses. I think she needs to marry a farmer:) She likes all animals.

THis is while looking at the animals, she just gets sooo excited.

sisters petting the goat

My two pumpkins! Jayce was with Garrett:(

Farm Girls!!

Jayce riding the pedal go carts

Of course she had to swing on the horse swing:)

My kids LOVE this corn box also.
Sunday morning while getting ready for church we got the phone call. John's brother and his wife were headed to the hospital to have the baby!! Poor girl she started at 1:00 Sun. morn. and they finally had c-section at 10:22 Sun. night. She just wasn't progressing and the baby was starting to show signs of stress. But Aaron Levi was born on 10-10-10! A whopping 8 lb. and 14 oz. 21 inches long. My kids are very excited to have another cousin.
Hailey Brooke has been doing wonderful since she started school. Praise God!! She has felt great and has not picked up that much sickness!! Colds over and over but nothing major. The last test we finally go the results last week. She still has blood in her urine but her protein is now .21 last time it was .22 so that is a improvement. I never realized how slow the process is with kidneys. So she is still on 15 mg. of Lisinopril everyday. At least she is off the steroids finally and hopefully her immune system is building up.:) No signs of her HSP reacuuring lately. YEAH!! God is truely wonderful.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daddy's Home....

Yes daddy made it home last Sunday a week ago!! We were ever so happy:) He arrived about 9:30, so of course we all waited up for him... He had tears in his eyes while hugging his sweet kiddos. It was the sweetest thing, they sure missed him, poor Hailey cried every night. Hopefully now that he got a BIG elk he will not go for a LONG time... I'm glad he could experience this though. Last week we just squeezed in as much family time as possible. Saturday morning Jayce and John went hunting of course. Jayce LOVES it so much. He was full of stories when he came home. Saw 2 button bucks and 4 doe I think... Hailey was upset she wanted to go too. So of course Sat. afternoon John Jayce and Hailey went. Then Mya was upset... My goodness for a two year old she sure likes hunting and fishing already. She says "me hop (help) daddy soot buck"!! So adorable.
Hunters ready to go~~

Sunday we spent the day going to church, watching and playing football, eating and oh yeah playing volleyball with miss Hailey...it was wonderful:) I love Sundays

Last night I attempted to take some pics of my kids. It is not easy with these 3 ...it only took 20 min. Ha! So they were just some quick shots! Hailey's Jersey is Jayce's from 2 years ago and it is a little big but hey it's a jersey.... and Mya well i thought she just had to have one since the other two each have one to wear... it's a little bigger so she will wear it for awhile also hopefully.

Mya was not into the kissing picture. Chauncey was watching out closely for his favorite gal.