Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here is my little dear Mya WAITING on the iced Tea! Yes she HAS to sit RIGHT beside the pitcher WHILE the tea is brewing:) Screams if you make her get away from it!

FINNALLY finished and ready to drink!! AHHH!!!
Think she's addicted?! Maybe just a little! HE! HE! This mommy does limit it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well as the title says I have been indoors ALL week with a sick one. The school called me Monday and said Hailey was running a fever to come and get her. I picked her up and I thought hmmm she sure doesn't look sick. Don't know what the deal was I couldn't get a temp on her all day and she acted great. I even got up and check on her in the night and still no fever. I went to wake her for school in the morning and guess what a fever. It was really wierd. But she had ran on from Tuesday morn until last night. She is missing school so much, she just cries and wants to go. Poor girl. I have enjoyed having her with me again though.

This morning Mya woke VERY fussy and eventually started running a fever she still is. Tonight Jayce got off the bus coughing and has started with fever now. Hopefully everyone gets better soon. Please keep us in your prayers.

Otherwise my hunny got his buck this morning a 9 pointer! He has been hunting since Thursday last week Morning to dark. UGH! I'm so happy for him:) That's all that's happening here!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

The school had a costume parade on Friday. Jayce and Hailey were very excited.

Here's my 2nd grader

Here's my little kindergartner! She was the angel

They had a lot of fun. They were a little dissapointed on Friday night though. We couldn't go trick or treating because of the rain. We went Sat. night though:) We had to go without daddy of course he was hunting. But we had fun anyway. And got lots of candy which we didn't need!!

Jayce GI Joe, Mya Barr-Reeve Cheerleader, Hailey Angel

The back of my beautiful little angel!!
Have a wonderful week!