Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ready To Go!

It is 6:45 and I am ready. FINALLY! Everything is packed and everyone is cleaned up and ready to head to Florida:) John is in bed and hopefully the kids will be ready to head that way soon. We will be leaving at 2:00 in the morning. Traveling, hopefully most of the way and then stopping to sleep. So we will arrive Monday sometime. Please say a little prayer for safe travels:) I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Mya just went to sleep, and I do not have time to be doing this! But I will very quickly:)
Sunday started out wonderful! We all went to church and were coming home very happy and the kids were singing in our van. Until,,,,,, we get to our lane and just a little piece past it up int the middle of the road was an animal! Hit! John was starting to back out and go see. I said that's not ours, he said well let's just go take a look. WELL:( It was our dog Missy! Poor thing! Well kids were doing very well I thought no tears. While I was making lunch I saw hailey go in her room and didn't come out for a bit. When I went to check she was crying!! She didn't want to eat lunch so we let her go. After lunch I decided to let the kids open their Christmas gifts from John and I. We are heading to Florida Sunday anyway. So thought they might as well do it now:) It worked they were happy again.

Not sure! Guess she thougth it was to ride:)

Mya opened them ALL by herself.

Mya and her doll that crawls

Hailey was VERY VERY excited. This is her screaming when she saw what it was.

Her very own American Doll! Mya liked Hailey's also!
Jayce just noticing he got what he wanted! A spy gear car
Sunday night was the Christmas program at our church. They committee did a wonderful job. The kids did wonderful also!

Hailey singing.

Jayce's class did a skit. He was the donkey carrying the Mary on his back.
Afterwards on the way home I was telling them how good they did and Jayce said, I didn't. I asked why he didn't think so? He said everyone laughed:( Poor guy, we then tried to explain that they didn't expect to see him ACTUALLY carrying Mary on his back. He still did not get it.
Now only5 more days till my sunny vacation!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Program, Birthday Party, And COUNTDOWN

We have been super busy since my last post. John's brother Phil was married Thursday. We are so happy for him! Hailey LOVES her new aunt:) She now has TWO aunts!! Neither of us have very big families.
Wendsday night the kids had their Christmas program at school. They have been very excited about it for awhile. Hailey counted down the days for about two weeks. She loves to sing! They did wonderful.

Jayce is in the red shirt and tie

Hailey was an angel

Jayce was a wise man

I was glad they both had a part, so neither was dissapointed.
Friday night was my SWEET nephews birthday party! He is growing up way too fast:)

Singing Happy Birthday. That's Mya's finger pointing at the cake in the corner.

Watching B open his gifts

Mya LOVED this gift. She played with it all night. I think I should have gotten this for her for Christmas!

The girls also liked this toy!! Mya even tried to give Hailey a ride in the wagon.
Today I did lots of laundry and cleaning. Tommorow is church then prob. mom's for lunch then Church Christmas program at church.
We have officially decided we ARE going to Florida over Christmas break!! YEAH! I am so happy. We will stay at my grandma's house. Only 8 more days. My turn to count down days:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

I have a lot I have missed on updating and can't remember it all. So we will just go with Thanksgiving weekend! Thursday we went to mom and dad's for lunch. FINALLY got to see Ryan's again:) That night we went to John's parents for Chili soup. YUM! Friday the kids and I just hung out and made party mix! Friday night Jayce and John went deer hunting while the girls and I stayed home and finished the party mix and watched a Barbie movie! Saturday John and I and all 3 kids went to Evansvile. I had the kids Christmas pic's taken first then mom and dad met us at the mall and took the kids to build a bear while I got my other things done in there. by the way Chels, they said they would like to take B somethime before Christmas also. This was Mya's first time and she LOVED it! I stayed for just a little bit of it then had to go. John stayed and took pic's!

This was her favorite part they said. She just bathed and bathed her puppies!!

Riding the carasole at the mall! Not sure what happened to the pic I had of Hailey on it:(
After we finished all our shopping for the day we took the kids to Gattie Town. Mom and Dad met us there that evening.

Jayce trying to duck out of the picture of course.

Mya had lots of fun playing this game.
Sunday we went to church then came home and relaxed watching Colts until that night. We had our Thanksgiving supper at John's parents. Monday I tried to catch up from the weekend. LOTS and LOTS of laundry and a messy house. Oh well we had fun!