Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas festivities

Well, I am back!! Our computer has been messed up for awhile!! I couldn't do anything on blogger. Now Cody fixed it and we are very happy:) The kids were waiting for daddy to get home Sat. so we could put together this gingerbread house. He was hunting of course:) This is the first year that it turned out so well. We had tried once when they were younger, probably why! Ha!

Hailey is showing daddy something on the directions:) She's like me you HAVE to read the instructions. Daddy not so much.

Jayce squezzing some of the icing on Hailey is looking at the directions again. HE He! I just noticed that.

Mya LOVES the finished product!

That evening was our Lengacher Christmas dinner. I have taken pictures of them in from of our tree the past few years on this evening. This time we were running late and Hailey's hair was a little wet yet. But oh well.



They have changed so much! Wendsday night Hailey had a christmas program at school. She was a Hip Hop Reindeer. The part she wanted! OH my it was hillarious and cute.

My little girl loves to dance and sing but had no idea she was such a rapper:)

Not sure which song this was but you can see they had a blast. Mrs. Hawkins does a wonderful job every year.

Now I need to get to cleaning! UGH! I do not LIKE that job AT ALL!

Have a wonderful day!


Tera said...

The little house turned out so pretty! Your kiddos have changed so much in the last year!

Chelsa said...

Jayce is almost as tlal as the tree!

a hip hop reindeer- too cute!

mya's pic w/ the house is adorable- i love her cheesy grin

Ashley said...

The gingerbread house looks great...better than any I have made. haha. I was at the Christmas program and it looked like those "reindeer" were having a ball!!!

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