Friday, October 28, 2011

End of October

We have had a very looonggg week. Poor Miss Hailey has been sick with fever and ulcers in her throat and sores on her lip:( Started Sun. and stayed home everyday this week so far. I am planning to take her a lunch time today. Has to be fever free for 24 hrs. to go back to school. Great policy:) Mya and I were both sad we had to miss play group, they had lot's of fun things going on.

My nephew sweet Aaron celebrated his 1st B-day October 10th. Phil is still in Goshen so they have put off the celebration until he can celebrate with us. He is improving, Praise the Lord. Hopefully he will stay on track and be home in plenty of time for the next little one. Due in middle of Jan. Here is a pic of Aaron on his 1st b-day with pappaw Raber.

We carved our pumpkins on a Sunday afternoon last week. It was gorgeous out again. My silly girls had pumpkin hats:)

My three sweethearts

At school the kids have to read so many minutes each night. Here is Jayce reading one evening. Not sure why he had his glasses off.

Mya, Mya, OH Miss Mya. Let me tell ya this picture shows what she wants to play EVERY day ALL day. Puppy. Notice the box in the corner, that's her dog house and her pen is the table and chairs in front. That is ALL this stinker wants to do. She will soon grow out of it I'm sure. So I will enjoy it and try not to get to crazy over doing the same thing over and over.


Chelsa said...

cute pictures

Tera said...

I hope Hailey is feeling better!