Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Weekend!

What a beautiful weekend we have had. The weather is gorgeous! My cousing Grant was married to Erica this weekend and we got just a few pic's.

Mya dancing

Hailey Brooke

Sunday afternoon we headed to Lark Ranch. We love to go each year and it was a beautiful day to go. It was relaxing and the drive there with all the leaves changing colors was pretty.

Hailey riding the biggest horse

Jayce rode the biggest one too

Mya rode the little pony but I was walking with her and forgot to give John the camera:)

The best picture we could get of the three sweet pea's together

OH my how Jayce is growing up. I love you buddy:)

What a conversations:)

Jayce and Hailey rode the pedal go karts

Hailey tried and tried until she roped this thing:)

Mya finding the perfect little pumpkin. Everything has to be little right now.

Trying really hard to reach everything on this tractor so she can drive.

It was a lot of fun I love to go each year, fall and spring are my favorite times of the year.


Chelsa said...

looks like you guys had fun!

Ashley said...

I love looking at everyone's Lark ranch photos!!! I can tell your kids had a blast and way to go Hailey on Lasoing (I think that is how you spell that,lol)!