Monday, September 12, 2011

Turkey Trot 2011

Turkey Trot is over for another year. I actually enjoy it alot:) We camp all weekend and the kids have so much fun. All three of them raced turkey's this year. Jayce and Hailey made it to the semi finals Sat. night. But not to the finals. Jayce did win 15 dollars:) For a good time. The winner got a 200 dollar savings bond:) Hailey pig wrestled this year. First time for her:) She surprised me BIG TIME. She does not like mud and she dove in and went after that pig. The 4 girls did wonderful. They were named the 4 little pigs. Jayce decided not to do it this year. Anyway it was a nice weekend with my family again. Now poor Mya woke up with a fever this morning:( Poor girl. At least she was healthy for the weekend:)

Mya ready to race her turkey:) She was sooo excited!

Mya racing with daddy's help

Hailey Brooke racing her turkey, she was #5

Jayce racing his turkey.

Mya jumping in the bouncy house.

The 4 little pigs ready to wrestle

Ready, Set, GO!!!


YAY Girls!

Jayce got a guitar, he is going to start guitar lessons soon.

My 3 sweet pea's ready for church:)

Hard to get a pic of all 3 looking! OH WELL!


Chelsa said...

cute name for their pig wrestling team!

Ashley said...

Hailey was right down there in that mud! I always feel sorry for those pigs though. lol. Glad you had a good time at Turkey Trot!!!